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its too hot everywhere

me and three of my friends have been planning to do shrooms for a while now.

me and three of my friends have been planning to do shrooms for a while now. finally two days ago, i get a phone call from one of my other friends telling me that he got a whole bunch of them and he wanted to know if i wanted to buy some.i bought a quarter for 50 dollars, and planned to do them the next day.

the next day at around 6:30 pm me and my three friends got together at my house to take them. it was our first time doing them. i took 2 1/2 grams and let them split the rest.they tasded like shi#. about a half hour later i started to feel a little weird but nothin too big. another friend came that was not on the shrooms to pick us up. we went to the store to get cigarettes and orange juice and a blunt rap. after the store we went to walmart to buy a vcr because we wanted to watch fear and loathing in las vegas. its a movie made for whenyour tripping. in walmart everyones faces looked all demented and weird, and it seemed as if everyone was staring at us. on the way back from walmart me and one of my friends smoked the whole blunt of hydro to ourselves because the others do not smoke. from then on is when it all started to hit me at once. we were driving to a friends house to get the video and she lives in the stix. at that point i was feeling great. watching myself float through all of the trees. i didnt remember the ride back from walmart to my house at all. but once we got to my house it was all downhill from there. we got in my room and it seemed like it took me like an hour to hook up the vcr. finally i accomplished it, and we popped in the movie. my gilfriend wasnt really trippin so she decided to screw with my head and move her lips but not talk. also she would do stuff so i would see it out of the corner of my eye and then when i looked she would pretend she wasnt doing anything. this really got me agitated, but i tryed not to let it bother me. 10 mins after the movie started, i started to get really hot. my friends told me i was sweating and kept asking me if i was ok. them asking me if i was ok got me really pissed off, so i went outside. it was like 30 degrees outside, but even out there, it seemed like it was wicked hot. i started buggin out because everywhere i went it was too hot.i went from my room to outside like 7 times and i was starting to get a little scared cuz none of my friends were hot. time went by so slow, and alls i wanted to do was come out of the trip so bad. after about 6 or 7 hours i was able to go in my room again without it being too hot. i was really trippin hard and i still wanted it to end. i went to the bathroom and the wallpaper seemed to pop out at me. also it seemed as if there were thousands of bugs crawling toward me. i left the bathroom and went back to my room. after sitting in one spot for like two hours, i finally came down. i sat in that one spot the whole night. i came to the conclusion im never doing shrooms again.

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