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first solo trip

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my first solo trip.
dose: 3grams of dried cubensis shrooms

i had made sure i had everything i needed for a good trip: fruit juice, beer, somethin to eat, and a shitload of trip toys and decorations in my room (of which i made pics which i will develop and scan soon). I was in a great mood and really felt like havin a good trip, even tho it was the first time for me not to trip with other people. I didnt eat much the entire day except for an apple, soup and some bread so i was quite hungry when i ate the shrooms. after i ate them i took a shower and i went in my room and locked the door (i get paranoid in big empty houses) and started playin mariokart64. after about 30 minutes, the shrooms kicked in, nice and easy. i got shivers all over my body and a huge grin fixed itself on my face. i was feelin gooood and damn ready for a good trip. mariokart was on auto pilot and i beat every race with such ease it was unreal. then for a small moment i got a weird sense of fear when i thought i might had taken too much shrooms. but i calmed myself down (i'm now thinkin i maybe shouldnt have) and had a really mild level 2 trip with only one climax: track 2, disc 1, aphex twin - drukqs, while lookin at a trippy poster. after that my stomache began to get annoying and the visuals were getting boring, and so i got bored, and had a beer and well then i guess i just messed it up by somehow deciding i would end the trip. i wasnt too disappointed, i was still in a good mood but i just didnt wanna have to concentrate on visuals anymore so i went to bed and thought about tons of stuff for hours, which were all good things. usually when i come down off shrooms i get pretty depressed so this was a great experience. the next day i had a small headache but felt fine apart from that. I'm glad i tried this even though it wasnt a mind blowing experience but at least now i know i can handle it so i wont be afraid to take more shrooms next time.

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