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Its nice up north

About a year ago, on the jewish newyears holyday me and a few freinds of mine went to a psychedelic trance party up north in order to celebrate the event.

About a year ago, on the jewish newyears holyday me and a few freinds of mine went to a psychedelic trance party up north in order to celebrate the event.
It was close to a small stream called Nachal Dan at Ramat Hagolan. Generaly the party lineup wasnted that atrractive, but the mixture of psychedelic shrooms and the view around sure was.

We got there at about 3 am, the party only started and the people I was driving with didnt hold the shrooms, we got in and drank a few beers, the music itself wasnt that good but its always like that in psy trance parties in that hour.

We had a good time with the alchohol for an hour or so when my other freinds came. We all went aside and had our dose, I took 5 Grams of dried Psilcybin Cubinnisis at 4:00 am, in the past I had only done 3 grams. We kept on dancing and so after about 40 minutes I started having that light nice buzz. kept dancing.

at about 5:30 some cops came in and stopped the music, I was standing in the middle of the dance floorwhen for the first time, I felt itnicely, the buzz was strong, and things seemed alil bit brighter, toughts were moving fast, but not fast enough. I was luaghing my ass off from everything. I realy liked the upcoming sunrise, and couldnt care less about the dmnned cops.
Music came back on and i danced a while longer, and after some time, I literaly stopped feeling my body, wich made things difficult to keep on dancing, so, freakin out abit from the unfermiliar feeling, I decided to sit down over the side on a bunch of leafs (I realy wanted to sit on them leafs). I felt as if i was floatin my way to rest on thies leafs,almost slow motion, sitting on them felt like i was sitting on somthing so soft, it was infintly soft, It was then when it struck me, I only then realized how fucked up I was. I looked at my arms, the hairs and skin warrped rapidy almost violantly, losing natural shape, amuzed by that i looked at a leaf on a tree.
The leaf, green inside, red on the boarders, warpped and swivered, you couldnt tell whats its normal shape was. this sight made my stomach flip, so i snapped out of it, looking straight i saw the party at its peak, ppl were dancing like maniaks, and it almost looked like they were trying to kill someants, stompingthe ground like maniaks, it looked like some sort of carnange, i cant say why.

In that time the trees and grass were moving and swirlling and breathing and doing whatever they could to completly distract me from everything. The music lost meanning, it all sounded the same, and ppl who danced looked like they were makin fun of the music, they looked amazingly funny dancing, it was as if i was dissconneccted from everything that was going on there, i was in my own world, looking inside at this crazy carnaval.

I got up, decide to look for my freinds. I walked only like 30 M when i saw 3 of'em sitting behind the main stage, lookin pretty tiwsted, some of'em took more then me.
I sat down, everyone were trying to say somthing, so was i, it was impossible for any1 to have a normal conversation, toughts were rapidy changing and so was the visuals. It was then when I peaked,Iwas going to talk to N, I tried realy hard to say somthing to him, but couldnt realy think of what i wanted,when i finally snapped out from the hallucinations i had from the grass and turned to him in order to say something, his face was like the moon, all the scars from blown up zits and other facial features made him look like the surface of the moon, but with shifting effects, his face warped so rapidly, i just couldnt talk, N ofcourse lookin at me seing my reaction to him, freaked abit.
then i looked around again, the grass looked as if the sea was seeded with grass seeds, the breathing effects upgraded into heavy waves and the grass looked like a sea of grass, waves...
I placed my hands on the grass, and it felt so warm, i looked at my hands and the grass was growin on them, i was sucked into this image, untill i coudnt see my hands anymore, my stomach flipped. I snapped out of this one and decided just to look at the sky and clouds.
it looked like the trees were marging into the skies, the skies into the clouds and the clouds back into the trees, this led me into one loop of tought, all is one, one is all, everything means nothing, everything is meanningless, just hallucinate.

the party went on with more crazy hallucinations, but eventualy we all wanted to go home. At about 10 AM we got into the car, wich was the hardest thing ever.
D started driving, how the hell we got home that day i cant tell, but i still admire him for driving so good even while hallucinating.

Its nice up north, it sure is. passin throught the sights of the north, small mountains and hills, everything looked amazing, like a drawing.

ts was one hell of a trip, one of thoes that makes u take a long break from hallucinogenic drugs, i havent touched anything since then, and i dont know if i ever will.

this was a beautiful expiriance, that changes somthing in u.

party on Spugedelikafreaks!
Suomisaundi Omistta! my KAUNISTA!!

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