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it was like a dream

My first trip.

My first trip.
a little background:
I'm 16, 150 pounds. Before I took the mushrooms I went to
this outside concert and smoked about a half gram of MJ for
a reasonable high. About 3 hours after I smoked I arrived at
my house with my friend Alex who had an 8th of shrooms.

the trip:
I ate the 16th of mushrooms with the mindset of being a
little nervouse. Hearing how bad trips can happen if you
don't have a proper mindest, I made up that the goal of this
trip would be to gain more insight into the oposite sex
(what a lame idea). I also ate a little bit of food because
I also heard that an empty stomach can cause a bad trip as
well, or at least nausea. So my friend Alex and I climb out
onto the roof that extends from my bedroom window. We sit
there and he smokes cigarettes until about 15 minutes after
ingestion I begin to get some visual patterns. So we get the
idea that lighting sparkalers would look really cool, we
light a few and the only thing it does is hurt my eyes. We
have had enough of this and make our way to the park,
remarking at the unbeleivable beauty of everything natural;
I specificaly remember one of the leaves with texture and
design going on and on into infinitee. Now the trip gets
weird, I don't remember much, but I remember being scared of
losing my friend Alex. He wants to go off somewhere but I
don't want to let him go. I figure this is about 2 hours
into the trip right now. Somehow Alex and I find eachother
again and we are in my room lighting sparkalers, I remember
vaugley my beanbag chair that was on the roof catching fire
and me thinking my whole house is burning down. We put the
sparkalers away and I go downstairs and colapse. I am now
lost in a voidient trance. My ego has disapered and I am in
a state of purgatorty, I remember wondering around thinking
what is the point of life, why am I here... how do I get out
of here. I am no longer connected with my body as I ponder
these questions over and over again. Howeover my body isn't
just stationary, it too is doing things subconciously; it
spills juice all over the kitchen which I don't remember
actually controling and also writing on our wooden deck
which was luckaly washed away. Now the De Ja Vu starts, I
remember walking up the stairs, and doing this over and over
and over again, maybe five times maybe fivehundread. Now
maybe four hours into the trip, I lose total contact with
everything around me, I am floating above this body unable
to control it... I think I am dreaming and watching a dream
of myself doing stuff. But this isn't the case, my body is
operating without me. I am with Alex and my body is saying
"what time is it" "what time is it" every five seconds... I
am not controlling this and my other friends whom I don't
remember arriving are really worried. Finally I figure out
that it

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