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It was FUN!!

It all started on the night of December 15, 1998 during the celebration of my suit mates, we'll call him Scott) birthday.

It all started on the night of December 15, 1998 during the celebration of my suit mates, we'll call him Scott) birthday. I had not planned on tripping, but when the opportunity came about I jumped on it. First, I must tell you that I am a pretty experienced shroomer, and I never pass up a good trip. At the large northern university I attend, it is suprisingly hard to find mushrooms when the craving arises. My roomate (we'll call him Charlie) and I were talking he informed me that there was an abundance of mushrooms in the vicinity, something like three pounds on campus! By the time he had told me this I had finished of seven beers and was pleasantly inebriated. We tracked down the mushrooms in a matter of twenty minutes, and consumed them the moment we got back to our dorm. After we had both eaten an eigth of some really blue psilocybe we sat in our common room chatting waiting for the effects to brood in our heads. Forty minutes later, Charlie gave me one of those: Uh huh, I'm starting to feel it, looks. I found this so piss pants funny that I could not contain the laughter that was brought on by the insane look on his face and the mounting physical effects that accompany the onset of a trip. From then on, it was to be one of the better trips I have ever had. It started as not so much visual, but more of a body trip. Little things felt so cool like drinking really cold polar springs water, or walking around barefoot on cold concrete and fuzzy carpets. It was like that for about the first hour or so until we started to enter the realm of the "Peak". For the next three hours my mind was a blur. Charlie kept wandering in and out of our room, which is so fantastically decorated for the likes of a shroom trip. Complete with black lights, surround sound stereo, a very large tie dyed tapestry with a ying yang sign on it, those glow in the dark stick on stars, and to top it off, a black light poster that had a huge mushroom in the center with a praying mantis taking a healthy portion of the large cap with the large phrase "EAT ME". Charlie is one of those kids that loves to go to raves and all night dance parties, and he occassionally likes to snort ketamene, drop some powerful gel tabs, and popping some high grade exstasy. I have tried acid two times and have found the experience a little overwhelming and I don't like the fact that after taking acid at a Phish show in albany, I woke up the next day still tripping balls and having to drive an hour and a half home, sixteen hours of non stop tripping will make you think about the next time you wanna trip. Anyway, back to my story. Charlie loved this black light poster and everytime we shroom out together I find him staring at this insane poster taking about how cool that praying mantis is, and what kind of trip it must be having after consuming about half its weight in mushrooms. We sat in my room for about two hours just admiring the scenery, and listening to some really intense techno music that seemed to make everything undulate to the bass. Our carpet has one of those criss cross patterns on it and it seemed to hold my attention while I traced the outlines of the squares. Another pretty interesting opticle stimulus was the tie dyed shirt I was wearing (no I am not a hippy that wears tie dyes everyday and has dread locks, I am just an average guy who likes to treat his senses to some eye candy when shrooming) When I went to the bathroom to relieve the pressure that was mounting in my bladder from the beers I had drank earlier and the three cold poland spring waters, I caught myself staring into the mirror at this great spectacle of colors that surrounded my body. It was an extremely fun time that lasted for about twenty minutes until I made the cardinal sin of staring at my face. I enjoy doing it but it always seems to take up all my time. Watching my face fold out like a piece of paper and my eyes streaking across my face to form one cycloptic feature. Staring at my goatee and watching the hairs wriggle around and grow. Overall, if you are not the one to bug out and the sight of your own face, I recommend trying this on your next journey. Oh well, I didn't think that I was going to write this much but i did. I wish I could go on, but Charlie has just come back with another quarter of the same mushrooms, and we are about to embark on another adventure through sight and sound, we are about to enter the...........Mushroom Zone. Doo Doo Doo Doo. Thanks for reading, you guys have been great. Give yourself a hand, really i could not have done it without you. Peace,

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