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it kicked ass!

The night started with my friend getting out of a mental institution.

The night started with my friend getting out of a mental institution. He had been out for an hour and we bought a half of white widow. we smoked with some guy isaac and got a call. our friend brian wanted to give us an 8th of shrooms for 2 grams of weed. so we met him and took half an 8th each.we kept the shrooms in our upper lip to suck the juices out for ten minutes. then i washed it down with coke. we went to my friends house an watched my favorite movie, saving private ryan. all the sudden i saw the backround start to shift position. and i saw a floral pattern of fish in the backround. we then went to his game room. it was pitch black and my friend walked into the darkness and disapeered! i saw a vcr cwock bwink 12 (inside joke). the numbers started to swerve around the darkness until it was just blue sparkles.we then watched courage the cowardly dog and triped. the volum was all the way down to.we then fell asleep.
my advice to someone thats doing shrooms for their 1st time is, dont take an 8th, ull go to a mental institution

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