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Is thinking youre jesus common with heavy doses?

I went to a music concert in ohio.

I went to a music concert in ohio. Many of you have heard of ekoostik hookah??...I went to their bi annual celebration to use drugs and hear great music. I personally can tell you all, never ever under any circumstances mix lsd and shrooms. one hit and a gram might be ok. I took probably 12 hits and shared a half ounce with my friend alex. I thought I was jesus. We were sitting by a fire and suddenly while listening to creeds' are you ready? I "found out" I was jesus. I got up and left with alex following. All I wanted was to get to the van, because I thought everyone around me were devils. Of course if I were jesus I could have killed them all with one thought...but that doesnt accur to you after eating 7 grams and 12 hits.Well when we got to the parking lot which was huge and basicly just a field, I was lost. Alex kept grabbing me and dragging me saying this way joe this way joe. Long story short, when we got to the car I thought alex stole my keys and was trying to crucify me. I thought that he had eaten them and said I had to cut him open with the reflector of a flourescent light. (dont wonder...its 1 percent I know) anyhow, alex asked me if I was gay later in that same month. I know im not but I gotta wonder what the hell I did to make him ask me that. PLEASE email me if you know of this type of experience at:psilocynicalogic@yahoo.com

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