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Invisible power

trip#1I stare in the mirror wetting my head because the stress is heating me.


I stare in the mirror wetting my head because the stress is heating me. I taste my own blood and tears are shed for a short moment. Then I hear people screaming in horror and all self concern leaves me. I am taken outside and I see my dog wondering where I'm going and yelping for my return. We travel on and my feeling of home leaves me and I repeatedly asked where is my home? They told me but I felt no feeling of home, I wander around and every star in space tickles me and I erupt with laughter. My palms clench, and my jaw hold shut tightly because what I have lived in for so long is leaving me. Then I see my skeleton overcome and turn feeble, it shatters into peices and flushes down a spiral. I see my brain as a wet sponge, and it is squeezed and drained of its water, then reinflates to its normal state but dry. Then I see my organs flush down this spiral, then this becomes a wet towel and I twist the water out of it. Now I feel as a tree and take deep breathes, as a plant obeying as it is told. My hair is damp with sweat, and palms swallen from my fingers clenching into them. My face lies down to him that delivers this.


My fears are shaken off and I return to simpleness. I travel outside and see a tree that was a long time ago, in the corn field at home. I begin towards it but discover water sorrounds it. I stay under it for a short moment till I find another place to rest. In between two trees I sit down and eventualy rest my head. I stretch my body out
for the Lord to recieve in sacrifice, but my friend is not there to swear by so I make a dragonfly my witness to this. Shaded by the two trees im gazing up at the sky, I see a gate in the clouds and realize that none of my knowledge can go beyond them. I look back down for a moment and back up and it faded away. Next the water surrounding the tree floods where I lay, and I get up to find my shirt and pants wet. Then I look at the water submerged land and it begins to breathe. Then I travel on dragging myself, and taste blood in my mouth, and spit a combination of blood and tears, then I spit everything I have ate that has maimed me. I sit on my knees and see the grass twirled into a spiral, and my hair is over my eyes in the same flow. I sit here and breathe deeply as the forest does.


My mind becomes lost and each individual bone feals corrupted, then I erupt a shake that uncovers every bone. I walk around observing God in the woods, then I see stars that want to replace my teeth, and I become saddened and refuse them, because I will lessen them. Then I lay on sand and rest my weakened bones, I feel the ground breathing beneath me, I am disturbed but just feel this. Then I feel what no one is worthy to see, but the ground. Then I see a cloud that held evil in it, as a cage, and it turned to a pit bull as with rabies scratching the same place till it weakens over and over again. Then I see a hand rolling it's fingers into a spiral, I feel where I am going and it asks me how far do I want to go?. It reaches down towards me and I look down for a blink and this blows away with the wind.


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