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intense trip

myself (steve) and 3 of my friends bought 17 grams of dried shrooms for 100 bucks and ate them around 9:15 at my house.

myself (steve) and 3 of my friends bought 17 grams of dried shrooms for 100 bucks and ate them around 9:15 at my house. after a trip to the store my friends were already feeling the trip, i wasn't. this was unusual because i am almost always the first one to feel the effects.
after an hour i was finally bingin. we went for walks around the block to intensify our trip and smoked a few bowl packs of schwag. my mood changed various times throughout the night. within the first hour of tripping, i felt very energetic and talkative. the next hour i was extremely tired. then i was in a uplifting mood (once i started coming down). i have tripped 5 times before this, and each time i only had about 1.5 grams. i have never experienced any visuals or any really fucked up shit. and i wanted to trip my balls of so this time i ate 4.5 grams.
all 4 of us were constantly uncomfortable throughout our trip. focusing in on one thing was almost impossible. it took me and kyle about 2 hours to roll a joint.
after the weed and the walks, which intensified my trip, i started seeing red and blue 3D lines everywhere. i saw faces and designs in trees and i was sittin at my computer lookin at trip pics when suddenly my computer started "melting". this was probably at my peak. all things within my vision seemed to melt. it was too much for me to take in so i put my head down on my desk. suddenly it felt as if i was melting into my desk. still uncomfortable, i layed down in my bed with the blacklight on. jerry started doing some crazy shit with a white t shirt. he would make it move according to the beat that was playing.
it was about 1 am now. terry was completely retarded. he started writing on his arm with highlighter (with the blacklight on). the marker slipped and yellow streaks went onto his shirt. i said "hey terry you're getting highlighter on your shirt". his response was "dude i dont care".
so much shit happened that night, i forgot a lot of it. and most of what i could remember was indescribable. one thing i will always remember is at about 230 am me, terry, and jerry went outside and saw some guy across the street backing out of his driveway. as he was going down the hill he started to drive up along the hill further and further away from the driveway. me and my friends stared as his car was almost 90 degrees to the ground. i thought he was going to flip over. he drove over the curb and sped away.
this was definitly my most intense experience. hopefully i will trip even harder next time.

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