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First shroom experience

I've taken many different psychadelics like LSD, Ecstacy, etc.

I've taken many different psychadelics like LSD, Ecstacy, etc., multiple times but this was my first experience with shrooms. I stared off by eating 45 grams fresh from my own grow. After 30 minutes I started feeling a warming sensations in my body. After one hour I felt lightly buzzed. 1.5 hrs after dosing the trip really started to come on and I reached the peak rather fast.

Everything was funny and the walls and furniture were bending side to side and I seemed to have some control over the effect. I wasn't particularly impressed however, because I found that if I focused hard enough I could make it stop. I was in a very good mood and had a strong sense of joy.

Promptly after the peak I started to come down and fast. My mood suddenly shifted from a state of happiness to a state of no emotion at all. I was completely void of any feeling. This disturbed me greatly. Everywhere I looked everything appeard to have a LACK of color. It almost looked like a black and white movie. There was a grey tinge to everything.

I looked down at my dog who lay beside me on the bed staring up at me and his eyes glowed with a blueish pupil and a white center. His body looked gray with blue streaks (he is normally white with brown spots and brown eyes). I reached down to touch him and he felt dead or something. His body felt like a corpes and didn't radiate any 'life energy' or whatever you want to call it. Everything just seemed lifeless, including me.

There was a great sense of despair but without any real emotion. It was definately a horrible feeling. I knew it was just the shrooms and that it would pass so I didn't freak out. I just reveled in the despair and experienced it as much as I could. I figured, as they say "you bought the ticket, take the ride".

It wasn't an enjoyable experience by any means but I do not regret it either. I was more disappointed than anything. I had been expecting brilliant colors and to be surrounded by strange sounds but what I faced was a void of emptyness. I don't have the words to describe it to the fullest but if you have ever read the book or seen the movie "What Dreams May Come" then you can assimilate it to the place where the wife had gone. Some type of purgatory. That was my world for the period of two hours.

My thoughts were on life and how it was pointless and without meaning. This too, I knew were just the effects of the drug and that it would pass. I used this time to just relax and breath the stale air which seemed to fill the room. After about 4.5 hours from the time I dosed, I finally fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning feeling the same as I did any other morning. No lingering after effects and no lingering thoughts that life was pointless or any of that garbage. This experience has not colored my opinion about shrooms though. I look forward to doing them again in a month or so. I realize that this experience was just one of many that can be had.

In the future I plan on dosing with a group of friends. I just wanted my first shroom trip to be a personal introspective experience. I was not ready for what I was to find however. I was prepared for something deep and moving to be discovered and disappointed that the trip was so shallow and void of depth. There's always next time though.

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