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Insanity & Reincarnation

Late one night, me and a couple friends had decided to trip on some shrooms.

Late one night, me and a couple friends had decided to trip on some shrooms. I'll call them Dan and Vit. I gave my money to Dan and Vit went out to meet the dealer. I was going to wait and smoke till they came back. I had just previously bought some bud and was smoking a lot. After a few hours of waiting, I get a call from Dan saying that it's going to take longer than expected. I am very high and tired and end up falling assleep in about another hour.

I am woken up the next morning by a jolt of thought in my head saying "SHIT DUDE YOU FELL ASLEEP!". I had wanted to trip in the nightime and it was now early morning, i think it was 6:00. At this point i just want to trip because I had been so mentaly prepared the night before. In a few minutes i hear Dan and Vit outside my window. I come outside to them and see that they are tripping(Dan and Vit ate an 8th). Vit seems to be acting a little tired or disoriented but i don't give it much thought because I know he's tripping.

We go inside my house and Dan hands me the shrooms. I had bought a 7 gram bag of mushrooms and I ate the whole thing in a fruit roll up. I used it like a burrito with the roll-up covering the shrooms. I just want to get to the same mind level as Dan and Vit are now. Vit is sitting on my couch and he keeps muttering nonsense. In midst of all the meaningless words I hear thigs like "Red Lexus!" "Where are the chicks at?" and then I heard him say something about peeing on my couch. I wondered if he actually had taken a piss and I was confused. It was impossible to try and talk with him because he is kind of looking at everthing like nothing makes sense. This madness goes on and increasingly gets worse.

Eventually Vit takes off his clothes and walks around like he's in a dream world. He then starts to hit paintings off the walls and starts to mess up my house. Me and Dan where both trying to get him to stop but he didn't give a fuck about anything. After a little while we get him to sit down and calm down a little but he still trys to hit anything near him. Another friend comes over, Steve, and comes in to see Vit naked on the ground. So for a little while we try to establish some kind of a conversation with Vit.

Vit starts to act up again and goes upstairs to the computer room which had these big shelve things. He goes in their and starts to push over the shelves and go insane. Dan lives acoss the street from me so he said that he's going to get his parents. His mom and step-dad(Jon) show up and I just want to be able to relax(I am starting to feel some effects but nothing really strong). Jon goes up to the room and I can hear him talking to Vit. I see them both come out and Vit has a bathrobe on.

Vit is still crazy and is talking weird. I don't remember how it happend but Vit went outside and was starting to walk to his car, which is a Red Lexus. Dan is nowhere to be seen and I am standing next to Steve, Dan's Mom and Jon watching Vit walking away. They get him to walk back and Jon asked me to go get some juice to give to Vit. I go inside get some Limade and go back outside. Vit happily drinks it and Jon says something that made Vit hit him in the face. Once Jon gets hit he walks away and tells his wife to call the police because he's out of control.
Once Vit hears that he says "Screw you guys I'm going home" and starts to walk towards his car. I know he doesnt have his keys on him so I'm not really worried. He sees that he can't get in and starts walking to the entrance to our neighborhood. Me and Steve follow him and once he gets to the entrance a cop car pulls up right in front of him and she gets out and is yelling "get down!". Of course he just keeps acting like he doesnt care and starts to fuck around with this woman cop by juking around like he's going to do something. After she realizes that this guy is insane she calls in back up and immediatly three cop cars pull up and get out with their guns out. Vit pulls off his robe and starts to run away and the cops run after him. I come back to the house and there is a cop talking to D's parents. I am coming up on the shrooms more now and I am talking to a cop.

This cops eyes were huge and it was making me very nervous. When cops talk to people they interrogate you with striaght forward questions and I was having a hard time concentrating on what he was saying because I was very focused on his eyes. Eventually the cops left and they took Vit with them. I was sitting in Dan's backyard with his mom and Steve. We had a whole discussion on everything and I kept on getting higher and higher. I went home with Steve and I was starting to have some hallucinations. The texture on the walls or the lines on my fingers went away and everything would morph and wave.

Steve and I sat on my couch(and it turned out that Vit had taken a piss when he was sitting there but we weren't sitting near it) and talked about all the shit that just happened. Then things started to make less sense, Dan's sister came over and so did his mom and they both talked to me but at this point I thought that I was dreaming all of this. Since I thought I was dreaming I acted weird for the fun of it.

Then, in my warped state of mind I realized that reincarnation made perfect sense and that nothing you do ever matters because you can just come back as something else. Then I realized that Vit must have also noticed this and thats why he went crazy. I felt as if I had figured out the meaning of everything and because of that I was going to be in this perfect dream forever(for some reason when I am on shrooms I think its going to last forever). I sat there on my couch for a while but I have no idea how long(throughout the whole sitting time I took a piss whenever I felt like it). I watched my hands and feet move around and saw pictures of flowers shrink and blossom. It was amazing to say the least and at one point I just faded out of the tripping state and went right back into reality. I was very confused about whether this was real and it did not seem likely that any of this could be real so I kept thinking it wasn't. My pants were soaked in piss and my shirt got dirty from me eating jello slopily and pouring bong water over myself when I was tripping on the couch. I took off my clothes and walked up to Steve. He goes "Oh my god" and walks into the kitchen. I don't like being all dirty so I go up to my bathroom and take a shower.

I was extremly confused with everything and trying to put it all together in my head.Imagine that your in a dream and its a really cool dream so you do some things that you wouldn't do in real life and then you start to get hints that maybe your not dreaming and this is all real. Thats what I was experiencing. The weird thing about this trip is that there wasn't really a come down it just kind of stopped.

This is without a doubt the craziest trip I have had so far.

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