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I have tripped several times before on both acid and shrooms, so this particular day I was feeling sort of prepared for yet another shroom trip.

I have tripped several times before on both acid and shrooms, so this particular day I was feeling sort of prepared for yet another shroom trip. Me and two friends ate a normal dose of what turned out to be some really strong mushrooms, not knowing that they were so potent. All my trips up to this point had been very pleasant, but that was about to change. We took the mushrooms at about 3pm in my friends dorm room and started walking to a ravine in a forest nearby where there is a path through the ravine that leads to a big lake.

One of my two friends had indigested double the amount of myself and as we walked on the path he stopped and sat down on a tree stub. When we asked him if he was OK, he mumbled something about that the trip was hitting him to fast and he didnt know how to take it. This immediatly started worrying me and my other friend. After 5 minutes we started walking again torwards the lake. At this time we were all clearly beginning to feel the effects. The ground started moving up and down like waves, the trees started to take on different shapes, everything was changing color from green to red to blue to yellow, everything was alive. All this began to seem really overwhelming and scary.

We kept on walking and saw some blue flowers on the side of the path (this was in April) there were thousands of them and they seemed amazing. It looked like they were growing, comming out of the ground as we were watching them. Finally we reached the lake, the sky was very grey and the lake started too look very frightening, it was as if the water was comming out of the lake and against us. Me and friend 2 went and sat down on a big rock facing the lake, while friend 3 started getting undressed to go swimming. This really flipped us out. We tried to stop him but he wouldnt listen. He jumped in and we were completly convinced that we were all going insane, that my friend was going to drown and we would have to talk to the cops, they would think that we killed him, then we would end up in jail, our minds were just wandering off. We were sitting on this rock watching him swim and watching the lake and the sky taking on frightening shapes, finally he came out of the water and we started walking back to the dorm.

I kept on trying to think about pleasant things in order to turn my trip around but it just didnt seem to work. When we got back things started to get a little better and less intense. For the remainder of the trip we just sat around in a room talking about unimportant things and looking at the walls. I realise now that the reason why I had a bad trip was that the dose was way to big and that I didnt have the right mindset for it. Just because I had a bad trip doesnt mean however that my tripping days are over, this was just a warning to be more prepared, and more careful of how much I eat next time. I hope that this has been useful to people, and will help them avoid a bad trip.

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