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Let me start of by saying that unless you are a experienced pothead you should never do what I did yesterday, Not because it was a bad trip but because I FEEL LIKE ASS NOW!

Let me start of by saying that unless you are a experienced pothead you should never do what I did yesterday, Not because it was a bad trip but because I FEEL LIKE ASS NOW!
anyways... Lets begin
Well me and my friend "F" had finally gotten wha we had wanted to get for like 3 months. ^ grams of shrooms.
He came over with them in a little baggy, As i explored the contents I found a little paper bundle. Inside it found 2 small circles with monkey pictures on them. I emediately knew it was E, not just because you see it on T.V. all the time but also because I had done it before.
Well anyway, we sat there for about 20 minutes playing Halo and whatnot. Then my parents finally leave. This was our cue. We each took 2 grams of shrooms (we would eat the last gram later) and a pill each.
So we waited about 10 minutes, nothing had happened yet and then my sister leaves. Right when she closes the door we take about about 4 dimes of weed. Good weed. So I take out my pipe, wait a few minutes to make sure that my sister was gone, and start toking up. At first it was classic toking feeling (throaght pain etc...) but after about 10 minutes of toking I notice it doesn't hurt me anymore. By then we had done about 1 dime of weed. At first this was what we were planning to do but finding that our throaght doesnt hurt we did another 2 dimes. We were gonna save the rest for later. By this time am feeling pretty fucked. I was extremely happy and content and I was seeing minor visuals but nothing over the top yet. It was mainly of the random objects swirling abit and such variety. Then we deside to go to my kitchen for a drink. When we get there (took hours it seemed) I know I am fucked up. I am happier thain I have ever been, Things are moving and things are tripping me out.
I nearly jumped out of my skin. The small word projected out of my friend's mouth seemed to be so loud.
"What?" I asked
"Lets do the rest of the shrooms"
So we do them. Buy now we dont even notice the taste. Also seemingly out of thin air my friend pulls out the pipe and our last Dime.
"You want to?" He asks?
I look at him for like 30 years. I am surprised he would ask me this question. After such a long time of smoking weed with him I thought he would know my answer.
We light up. Between tokes I look around and my whole kitchen seems to be alive. When I toke I close my eyes, it seemed that there were colours in my eyelids and they were dancing to a Jimmy Hendrex song.
"Lets go do something"
We go to my room. It takes so long because we are distracted by the smallest things. When we get to my room we sit down on the bed and get under the blankets. Usually I would be like "eww gay" but I didnt really care anymore. I wasn't gay But I was still less inhibited then I was before.
I put in Finding Nemo. I'm sorry but I can't even explain half the things that happen to me. I'm just like seeing things, thinking things and speaking things. Everything trips me out, everything has life and everything is in love with me and I with it. I spend like twenty minutes admiring my lam because I was like in love with it.
This goes on for like 3 more hours (insane visuals and such) before I start to feel it decline.
I burn out like never before and we both fall asleep watching the grinch.
When I woke up I feel like ass covered shit. I am tired right now that you would never believe.
Well ya. I suggest someone going to do something like this as long as they have asprin adn they know what they'll feel like in the morning.
Happy Tripping!
This was my first shroom trip.

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