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Infinite scales of chaos and order.


Hi. The last few times I have done shrooms (approx 3-4 grams dried) I seem to get stuck on the same sort of ideas. Stuck perhaps is not a good word, lets just say occupied. Basically this is the generallization of my jumbled thoughts, and I just wanted to share.

So here we go.

In an infinite system, every finite scale eventually becomes zero. The human
consciousness has existed for such a short time in the history of the universe
that we effectively and mathematically (at least to our computational power) do
not even exist yet. We are a probability, and a self-destructive one at that.

Yet for all of our apparent non-existence, we are here. We are born out of
interstellar dust, out of cold star guts. We are the result of long-forgotten
stars and decayed worlds. We once screamed with the raw power of nuclear
fusion, and froze in the absolute zero of the vast darkness of interstellar

We are at once infinite with the raw possibility of existence, yet we only
perceive the very finite scale of our “conscious” lives. This is religion. YOU
UNIQUE. This is bullshit.

But we are important, just in the quieter sense of the word. We are a part of a
system that has been steadily working since time (to our understanding) began.
We have existed since the dawn of time, since the beginning of the beginning,
yet we wail and rage at the limited time our sentient being gets to try and
understand the whys and the hows.

To truly understand how vast and complex the system is we have to understand how
truly small we are. We (in our current incarnation) are finite, therefore we
are effectively the grand sum of zero in the mathematics of god. Yet we are
here. We exist in the machinery of chaos and order, we exist. That is the
miracle of god. To be granted a spot, no matter how small or insignificant in
this giant engine of creation, is the greatest blessing there is. I am part of
creation. I am a grain of sand on an infinite beach. I am.

Soooo... anyways thats pretty much what I wanted to share...any thoughts?

keep the mind working my friends. later.

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