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Infa-Red Cubies

One thing about Psilocybe cubensis that bugs me is that it's nearly impossible to predict how high their psilocybin/psilocin content is, without knowing of other circumstances in which the same mushrooms were taken.

One thing about Psilocybe cubensis that bugs me is that it's nearly impossible to predict how high their psilocybin/psilocin content is, without knowing of other circumstances in which the same mushrooms were taken.

My first trip on cubensis was almost an entire 1/8oz to myself. It was peachy and all, but the visuals never got any better than simply being distorted, "bubblies" I call them. This is what you would call poorly grown mushrooms, but I didn't know at the time that they weren't very quality.

Holy saint josephine I didn't expect to happen what had happened later that month. A couple buddies of mine picked up a 1/4oz of cubensis and came over to my pad to show me the goods. They were regular lookin 'bensis, what with the closed cap and mangly lookin stem. We split the two eighths between us three, on a scrum-diddly-umptious peanut butter with fungus sandwitch.

Ohhhhh about 25-30 minutes later there was that ol' feelin. Your arms feel like they're tryin to float up away from you, your blinks seem to last a lot longer, and oh yes the little furry electrodes jumping around inside your head tickling your brain.

What happened after that was pretty intense. All three of us were way to messed up to continue watching tv, so we turned it off and popped in Floyd - Darkside.
I leaned back and shut my eyes, feeling the music in waves and converting them to colorful geometric patterns through the 1/2lb of fat between yer ears, I was far to encapsulated by what I was feeling to even notice that my unbelieveably high friends had wandered downstairs in search of a different surrounding.

There I lied on my bean bag in the middle of the room, face up, with the lights off. At this point in time, you could say that I was experiencing mondo visuals. The colors were primarily yellow, red, and blue, but they got put to good use. Little geometrical candles, skulls, cars, trees, swasticas (not that I'm into that kind of thing), you name it, were all taking up my field of vision, although I was too high to realiaze this at the time- only after the 2second or so delay from the tracers. All kinds of tracers, and not just visual ones either. Auditory tracers, sensoral tracers, even olfactory tracers (ever smelled nag champa move?).

I recall lying on a bean bag in the middle of the room, looking strait upwards. When I moved a limb, there was an infa-red visual of me that would move the same limb, only in a peculiar loco-motion. As I was playing with this, I accidently knocked over a garbage can with my left leg. All of a sudden there was an extra image in my view, only this time of a garbage can being knocked over, in yellow, complete with loads of bubbly, wavey tracers-and I was looking at the ceiling mind you! ;)

The body high was so unbelieveably intense that it's hard to explain. It was pulsating, almost like the blood inside me was taking little blood magic wands and tapping everywhere at once. Different body high 'surges' could almost be seen through feel, displayed as a different color each time.

By this time I had already peaked, and Darkside of the Moon had ended-automatically being replaced by metallica.
I quickly snapped out of the trance and turned off the infernal noise (heavy metal and heavy tripping don't mix)-and forced myself to turn on the light.

It felt like I was looking directly into the heart of the sun. Immediately I closed my eyes and covered them with my hands, still having perceptions of looking right into a flashlight. After some adjusting, I tried to focus my eyes, but the room was too -- moving. I had spent too long in the pitch black room, the majority of the trip actually. And in that time it was almost as if that my Eyes and equilibrium and all that other jazz had gotten completely and utterly accustomed to darkness, too accustomed as it were. It took minutes for my eyes to get used to the light and for major light/color/blurry/wavey visuals to calm down to normal levels.

Weird. My friends and I met up and shared our experiences. Turns out they had very similar hallucinations, and had both actually spent their trip lying on their asses too, frying nuts in their own world.....

-Red Dog
Washington State

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