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Me and my friend P had just got out of school, we skipped a school pep assembly and decided to go to his house which wasn't to far.

Me and my friend P had just got out of school, we skipped a school pep assembly and decided to go to his house which wasn't to far. Earlier that day, P said that his dad's newly cut crop had just finished drying out and were now cracker crisp and ready to eat. He invited me over and I gratefully accepted for a day of eating mushrooms.

We got to his house at about 1:30 PM and waited around for his dad to come home to get the OK that we could eat some of his harvest. We hung around, took turns at shooting P's pellet gun at targets and at about 3 PM his dad showed up and said we could each weigh ourselves out 4 grams to eat when we pleased. He said, "Merry Christmas" as I walked out of his room with my 4 grams of Thai Psilocybe cubensis.

It was a beautiful day and me and P each got ourselves a glass of orange juice to wash down our shrooms. I crunched into my first mushroom and noticed the difference between this harvest's mushrooms and last weeks. P's dad got a little anxious last week with his first ever harvest and didnt fully dry them out, making them less potent. I thought these should be a lot better trip wise and longevity wise. We sat around, eating a little when we pleased, enjoying the sunny weather, and playing with P's dog.

After about an hour, and having eaten half my bag, I started to feel a little off balance when I walked and could feel the effects coming on. P said he felt this too and we started laughing giddily. P finished his cigarette and announced he was fully frying with a big chesire grin on his face. His dad and sister had just left to go see what was the matter with his sisters car downtown, so we had the house to ourselves.

We decided to go into his room, shut off all the lights except for the blacklight, and look at the glow-in-the-dark moons and stars on his ceiling and the blacklight stuff on his wall. I then got up and ran to my truck and picked out everyone's favorite tripping album, Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon, and ran back to his room and popped it in the computer. We lay there listening to that for a while, P seemed like he was feeling the effects pretty strongly, which surprised me because he usually felt it less with him being the bigger guy and all. Well, since I was only feeling mild effects, i decided to eat three more of the littler mushrooms in the bag and save the last big mushrooms for another time.

At this time, P's dad's friend came by and gave him some money for doing some work over at his house. At this time i started to feel the last dosage of shrooms kick in and started feeling an increased sense of awareness. After the visitor had left, P slumped out on his bed saying he felt better now that he had dealt with that and said, "Lets just trip out now," as he ate the rest of his bag.

The Pink Floyd album had finished its second spin and I still only had mild effects, i thought to myself i might as well go to marching band at the game tonite if im not going to trip that hard. P then put in another album of a band which i wasnt too much of a fan of, but thought it would be a good album to trip too, Tool- Lateralus.

I lay on his floor, looking up at the glowing stars and moons, listening to the music. At this time, my memory was triggered by a dream that I had the previous night about me looking up at the stars at night and seeing them shoot, not out, but down towards the earth, like a catastrophic event. I told P this and he said that sounded like a cool dream, he definitley sounded like he was under heavy effects of the shrooms, and I could feel a heavy effect creeping up on me.

I started to feel like the room with P and me in it was flying at the speed that the music was going, if it picked up the room would fly faster, if it slowed down, so did the room. I also started to see the walls and ceiling start breathing in and out.

P asked me what it felt like to have an out of body experience because he hadnt had one before. I told him it felt like you were really doing something you were thinking of and would not be able to tell where you really were. After about fifteen minutes and the third song ending, P announced he had had an out of body experience. He later told me it was of him climbing through a cavern.

At this point the phone rang and P came out of his trance and answered it to his dad saying the car was running now and that they would be back in a little while. I am suspecting this was around 4:30 PM but I'm not sure due to the lacking of time sense i was feeling. P hung up and we then remembered the glass of orange juice we said we were going to get a half hour ago. We laughed about it and went upstairs, got some and went back downstairs to the music.

This time I sat in P's computer chair and sat there listening to the music. I started to notice the permanent marker flames P had drawn on a part of his wall and saw they were dancing like flames. They then started transforming back and forth to looking like flames to looking like mushrooms and were constantly crawling up his wall, but not advancing at all, it was like a barbershop thing. This really set off my visuals and i began to see an oriental rug pattern around the rotating and morphing flame pattern. All of this went with the music of Tool. I then looked up and saw the shadow from the light cover stretching across the ceiling, it wavered and looked like black smoke coming out of the light cover. I then started getting very abstract thoughts that I cant remember but remember them completely boggling my mind.

After the fourth song finished with a victorious ending that made me and P put our arms up in the air, P announced he needed a cigarette and walked outside. Me, feeling a little claustrophobic like i always do while being inside when tripping, i went out with him and noticed i didnt feel the shrooms anymore. I could feel them at the back of my mind, but the sudden light and foreground change made the hallucinations go away. I enjoyed the fresh air and felt good about myself. I played with the dog a little and looked at the Fir tree line in the distance and couldnt see any wavering at all from hallucinations. P said everything was moving for him and kept staring at one place or another, going into a complete trance. I kept asking him what he was looking at and he just said, "Man I'm trippin'."

I then decided to eat one last long stem from my bag and call it quits for the day. I washed it down with orange juice and sat there. P and I started laughing at eachother whenever we both looked at eachother and I tried to get him to hacky sack with me. He got up and then obvioulsy forgot what i said and started playing with the dog. I then told him again and he tried, but said he was trippin to hard to hack. So I hacked by myself, concentrating really hard, the dirt bag looked like it had sound waves pulsate out of it whenever i hit it and i did pretty well.

After this, we went inside and upstairs to watch tv. We turned on the tube and saw that Dragon Ball Z was just starting and decided it would be a good tripping cartoon to watch. At this time, I started to feel heavy effects like loss of control of my thoughts, more intense abstract thinking, and a sharper image, but not hallucinations. We watched the episode and it seemed very conspiratorial to me for some reason. It was about a fighting tournament and everyone was afraid of the short purple fighter that was the champion. There were a few fights and the colorful anime went great with setting off my visuals. Every time i didnt fully focus on the picture, it looked like a scramble of moving color in the corner of my eye. It got to the end of the episode and some green guy had to fight the short purple champion. This part was really trippy for me. The purple guy just stood there and looked at the green guy. He then delved into his thoughts and brought back some past memory that i cant remember because i was tripping pretty hard. Once seeing this, the green guy grunted, walked away, and said "I cant fight." This was really weird and me and P decided it was a good episode.

After this me and P started talking thoughts right out of eachothers head. P kept saying stuff about rationale thought and i asked him if he was using that as describing being sober, and he agreed. P then said that we were just thinking random thoughts and obtaining knowledge from all of them right as i was thinking that exact same phrase. It was weird but seemed natural.

At that time a declined to the thought of attempting marching band, not feeling too secure about being around a lot of people in this state. I started to feel really limited to what i could do and a question kept running through my mind, "What is next after this?" I could not remember or think of what i was going to do next after hanging out at P's house for a while. I then would feel moderatley sober, tell P i thought the shrooms were wearing off, and after saying this start feeling the rush of the effects again.

I then noticed we both had the same look in our eyes, the moment of clarity. I said this and he said, "Yeah man, me too." We then started talking in philosophical terms. I told him that life is such a great thing and that it is the key to all of this; that just moving around and being able to do whatever you want to do is absolute bliss. I had felt this way before in another trip where i was feeling the same as i was, not being able to move and being limited, but now and in that last trip felt like i could move around freely and do anything. He agreed and we started talking about this back and forth.

From the snipets of it that i do remember P said, "You are V", and I replied, "You are P." I said you have your own individuality and I have mine. He agreed, and we both said, "Individuality is the key to living life." We couldnt believe it, we felt like we just had a breakthrough, or had just broke on through. We both said how we felt so much better about our lives and life in general and were having the best trip ever. We both felt like conquerors.

Right after this P's dad pulled up and asked us how we were doing. P said the shrooms were great and were still going strong. He said thats good and we both thanked him again and told him of our breakthrough. He said, "Well, you know, I might partake in some of that tonite, you guys have fun." We both laughed at this and went inside.

I decided we needed to do something. I said, "We are the young americans of this country and i think we need to skate." P laughed at this and concurred. Then it dawned on him that he had broken his skateboard the week before. I asked him if he wanted to buy a new one with his money and that I would drive him to the skate shop, he agreed and he set off on finding his money.

He couldnt find it and went on a tangen about how he was so proud of everything he had accomplished. He took me over to his grind rails he had welded and made and said how proud he was. I replied by pulling out my wallet and showing him my driver's license and saying how proud i was on getting it. P then decided to look for his money later and set to taking his trucks and wheels off of his broken skateboard. I saw him break out his tool kit and try to get the trucks off. I ran up to my truck and got out my all in one skate tool and brought it down. P wasnt being very successful at taking his trucks off, being still quite heavily under the influence still so i opted to take them off.

I almost finished when his sister called us in to eat pizza. I washed my hands and got to the pizza, realizing i wasnt very hungry so i didnt eat. P did get some pizza saying he wasnt that hungry and we sat and watched cartoons again with his sister. I watched the cartoon and didnt know what was going on in it. As i thought that his sister asked, "Do you guys know whast going on in this show?" We both replied dumbly, "Ummm....Yeah."

This samurai guy was petting this big wooly looking dog thing. I thought that it looked like P's dog and right as i thought it, P said the exact same thing. Too weird.

Seeing commercials and stuff, i started feeling conspiritorial again and thought i realized that all these commercials were just ploys to make you watch them and buy their product. I then remembered that thats what they really were and put that thought to rest.

I saw that P wasnt feeling too good while eating his pizza and didnt finish his first piece before throwing it away. I asked if he wanted to skate now and he said he couldnt find his money and he felt pretty tired. So I bid him farewell and started up my truck and left.

Little did I know that i had started losing my sense of reality and halfway through the drive home i noticed i was driving. I made it home safely and went inside feeling the bounds of road and traffic rules lifting from me. The now dark of night from the drive home had set of my visuals again and i was fully tripping when i got inside.

My mom asked why i wasnt at the football game with the marching band. I said i wasnt feeling to well (i was feeling the exact opposite) and i didnt feel like going to the game and had just got back home from P's. I then said I was going to bed. I looked at my watch seeing it was 8:30 PM and thought to myself, "8:30 sounds like a good time for people to go to bed these days."

So i went to bed, not before my dad said i knew where the nailclippers where and that i needed to find them. I finally convinced him i did not know where they were and got in my bed. I noticed my room was pretty messy and had an urge to clean it up, but i didnt. I then remembered that i might not have turned the lights off on my truck and ran out the back door to see. They werent so i went back. For some reason I did this two more times and finally convinced myself they were off.

I could here my brother playing hip hop music and it sounded like it was all turntabled out and wah-wah sounding. My brother then asked where my hack was. I rushed out the back door for a fourth time to see if it was in my truck, it wasnt so i told him i didnt know where it was.

I then went upstairs, still feeling the lack of sense of reality and covinced this wasnt my real life, and sat with my mom and watched tv. I could still see a screen of colors over my vision and saw colored stars popping in and out of it. I then asked my mom what she was most proud of. She replied with her gardening and her walking the dog every morning. I then asked her what she thought of my vacuuming job, and she said it was very good.

My brother then came in and said how he wanted to play mini golf, i told him i would take him mini golfing tomorrow night. He asked if I wanted to watch a movie and i did. I went into his room, jumped on the top bunk, and asked if i could sleep in his room. He said yes as he turned on Big Daddy.

I then went to sleep saying the lines i knew in the movie with the actors and woke up feeling refreshed, at peace with the world, sober, and not knowing what had happened yesterday until it dawned on me two seconds later.

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