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First Real Trip With Shrooms

I had my first real trip with shrooms yesterday.

I had my first real trip with shrooms yesterday. My friend decided to come over to do our casings for our new batch of cakes, and he brought his stash and I used my own stash from my grow. I'll cut right to the part we're about to eat it. We decided to eat the mushies in between bread and pork meat. He had abt 2 large and 3 medium shrooms and I had 3 large and 2 medium shrooms plus afew aborts. We broke the dried shrooms into pieces and placed it all over the meat.

Then my elder brother and a girl friend came over. We ate 3/4 of our bread and passed it over to my brother and the girl friend. Even before I passed it over I could feel myself getting light headed, and I told my friend we were probably already getting high.

I'll cut it short. My girlfriend was supposed to stay over and that night she was having problems and she was really sad, crying and all, and I was just trying to contain my laughter when I went downstairs to pick her up even though I was late. I feel kinda bad now but back then I really couldn't feel for her cause it was all just joy.

The whole night I was just laughing at the silliest shit and having a real good time. My girlfriend chilled abit so she wasn't so sad and all. We had some awesome sex and then some more. More friends started pouring into the house. It was really fun. My friend said he didn't like the trip because there was just too many people and he was getting confused. But I think I mellowed myself out a little and wasn't as high as he was. What I do remember was that while I was showering right after I took the mushrooms, I realised my bathroom was really white, and I felt tranquility and it was heavenly. And the lobby in my condo was just trippy, it was long and narrow and didn't seem to end. I loved that trip, and I can't wait to trip again next week when my 2nd batch will be done.

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