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I'm from Copenhagen Denmark where Psychedelick trance (GOA) is very popular, as it is in most of Europe and India.

I'm from Copenhagen Denmark where Psychedelick trance (GOA) is very popular, as it is in most of Europe and India. The raves are large and people dress up in very spacey clothes, mainly that glowes in ultra violet ligth!! Very nice to look at when on acid or mushrooms. At these raves people are on E. (Ecstacy, Coke and Speed, but now LSD and acid are winning the hearts of the majority of Trance lovers.
All the amazing, spine-shilling and mindexpanding sounds
and the heart resembling beats, makes the experience seem
as an intergalactic travel.

Well the story I have to tell is just one out meany mysterious, beautiful, life expanding and awakening experiences I've had with mushrooms.
The story begins with my friend, girlfriend and I going out to "Christania"( an independent mini city in Copenhagen, where you can buy all sorts of mushrooms and Hash.)where we decided to buy some mushrooms for the rave later on.
I decided to buy one gram of, what we call, Cambodian mushrooms each(Panaeolus Cyanescens).

We took it just outside the rave, we whent inside again where there were decorations and lighting that resembeled a mixture of water and fire.

I whent outside again to take a em... well I had to pee okay!!! when I discovered blue spots flying infront of my eyes, I'd better get inside I thought, and so I did.
Well I danced my trancedance and sad down. Something was wrong, I had that special mushroom feeling, but nothing visual!
I whent into another room where there were alot of tabs and sinks?!! anyway I started talking to a guy when the sinks started talking, or mumbling actually.
I walked in the room where all the action were, and my girlfriend kept talking to me, I must admid I didn't hear one single word she said, I kept my attention on all the bright coleurs of blue, yellow, red, orange and green poarring, waterfall like, out of her ears and nose-WoooooW!

I sad down and felt the trancecausing beat, feeling my chest get warm caused by my increased heartbeat.
I felt a drout in my mouth and I stood up in an attemt to get some water, I now felt the music taking total control over my body causing my body to reel as I walked. I drank some icecold water.
Then I invaded the dance floor, as I danced a magnificent play of coleurs occeured infront of me and inside me.
It was as if some sort of contactlenses on which had small very beautifully coleured flowers carefully painted on them,
it looked like that because they were everywhere in the dark in the light everywhere!. Besides the constant flowers,
were psychedellic patterns of bright "neon" green, also huge, what I would describe as gallaxys of the brightest and most wonderful coleurs, twisting and turning slowly.
I started looking at lightshow on the walls that began to become threedimensional.

Outside I sat down watching the ground opening a door of coleurs dancing and enjoying the wonders of Trance.
I felt as if the language of everything that is so breathtakingly beatiful, unique and priceless about nature, was Trance, and everyone at the raves understood that language.
The effect began to wear off about two-three hours later but I just kept on going.

If you like mushrooms you'll love Trance.
Many European and shroomy hellos to all of you in the U.S
And remember most of Europe are tripping with you...

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