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In Church

Took some dried mushrooms id been storing for a rainy day.

Took some dried mushrooms id been storing for a rainy day. Later Wandered into a local church ,biggest cathedral here in australia.I sat in a pew at the back watching a full scale greek wedding with very beautifull chior singing. This was a incredibly gorgeous sound.

When the service was over i remained in the church feeling safe and watching the stain glass windows. Then I noticed the floor which was a kind of deep red glazed concrete there were long black fissures running through it. The concrete became gelatinous clotting blood pouring into these fissures which held milions of writhing scorpians that waited to pour forth if the fissures grew wider which they threatened to do as the blood floor was only thin and not solid.I felt the church was floating on an infinate ugly void the blood floor was just like a scum floating on that void and the void was hell that didnt have fire but just mental horror like i was experiencing myself. I am not religious actually am an athiest but i felt i couldnt be certain now, all my certainties meant nothing as I couldnt possibly comprehend the universe. I felt sure i was glimpsing a truth that was hidden from me in sober thought that there was going to be a judgment day and that i would fail I grew worried that the floor had really changed and that judgement day was about to happen.

When I left the church I felt better and the trip began to wear off as i made my way home.Since then I have not taken trips.prefering the simple pleasures of dope and E.

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