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I had previously done shrooms only once, and had taken about 3.

I had previously done shrooms only once, and had taken about 3.5 grams of dried Psilocybe cubensis. I did them early in the afternoon at a park with some friends (equal doses, good planning) and had a great time. This takes place about a month later. I had just recently aquired a half ounce of shrooms. That week on a thursday there was a message on my box letting me know that an old friend from out of state was on his way down to visit for a few days. He arrived friday afternoon and we planned to trip that night.

I don't remember exactly the time we ingested the mushrooms, it had to be between 7-8pm. He had never done shrooms before, just acid. We talked about shrooms for a while, discussing dosage and my last trip. We decided to take a bit more than we should have (a 'more is better' mindset). I took around 5 grams and he took 6. Right as we started to feel them my dad came in my room to say hi to my friend....it was kind of weird but he left and didn't bother us again the rest of the night. My house is sort of big so no one was disturbed by any noise we mighta made.

The trip started off as usual. The tingles and body energy and eventually that ecstasy like feeling. Also the deep sorry i felt for anyone not on shrooms. It was all like my past trip, including the full understanding of everything, that is a very good feeling. Whats also real cool is feeling like you can read the thoughts/think the same thing as another person. This part lasted for a couple hours, and we did normal shroom stuff...tried different things, talked a lot.

Im not sure when it went downhill, probably when the intense intense tripping began. This part is a blur, although i know all we did is lay around mumbling. We didn't go anywhere...my friend layed on the floor blabering about something and i was on my bed doing the same. At some point i sat up and looked at the clock, it was 1 am. I felt as if my dellusionary state was over, i felt normal, tired, i thought my trip was over. My friend was still laying on the floor, tossing lightly and mumbling. Im not sure where it started but at some point i began to realize something (i was sitting on my bed staring at the ground)...i was immortal! Now, let me try to explain. Imagine you have just found out you won the lottery, for any and all purposes that is what happened, and i just found out that i was immortal (the god type). For some reason i saw it as a turning 18 thing (which was like a week away).

For the next couple hours i sat there thinking of my life ahead of me, relishing in what would happen, no more worries, no school, jobs, anything. Only anything and everything i wanted. Now let me tell you, thinking you won lottery is the same as winning it...at least for a while... and so for a while i was immortal, and that was one of the best feelings of my life. I'm not a religious person (athiest) so i didn't believe i was god, but a godlike person. I had powers, powers to do anything, lift houses, transport anywhere, pull gold out of mountains, make people heads pop, do anything. Thinking you have these powers is just as good as having them. I Around 3am i started to come down and realize i wasn't immortal, it was depressing but the general lack of emotion after a shroom trip padded it. Just an acceptance of it being a trip and not real.

My friend was still totally out of it mumbling on the ground, as he had been the entire time i was sitting on my bed. I was deffinately done now, just that afterglow of a heavy tiredness yet sleeplessness. I felt sort of dirty for some reason (as with acid) and had to brush my teeth furiously for about 5 minutes until i felt better. I half led half dragged my friend to the room he was supposed to be staying in and got him onto the bed...at that point i went to my room and tried to sleep, which took a while but i was out by at least 4:30. The next morning we had to get up at 7:30 and go somewhere, my friend had found his way back into my room and was sleeping on the floor, later he said he didn't remember going back into the room. My friend had barely slept and i had gotten a couple hours but we still had to get up and go to an event early in the morning. That exhausting day was horrible, mainly cause of the tiredness, not to mention all the weed and opium we had been smoking that weekend. I have done shrooms a bit more since then, i have never had a trip below level 3.

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