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Imaginay urinal?

I was at my friend Abe's house.

I was at my friend Abe's house...and it was about 9 pm. I had eaten an eigth oz. or shrooms about an hour before hand and not much had happened. No visuals yet, but my hands had no sence of feeling while the rest of my body's was magnified about 5 times..SUDDENLY his desk turned into a giant clown face and winked at me. I was shocked! Then, he decided to play some Dead for me. I looked at this poaster with a pic of bob marley on it and he bagan to sing to me, not in words but in the sounds of the guitar. For the next hour or so I decided that it was imparitive that i have ice in my mouth at all times, and i smack my self to see if it hurts every now and then. After a confusing hour or so he told me we had to go to sleep. I tried to sleep, but there were these 3 guys in ski masks trying to get me to eat this green sucker, (keep in mind the only people in the house was myself, and Abe)and i really didnt was to eat it...it frightened me. Suddenly they dissipeared and i really had to piss. I started walking through the house, but i couldnt see anything. I finally made it to the bathroom and exclaimed, " I didn't know Abe had a urinal!" I started to use the urinal (girls, u may not know this but in some public bathrooms there are short walls with urinals on both sides)and this was somehow one of those bathrooms. Well, the guy across from me was giving me these funny looks and pissing me off. I started to yell at him and he yelled at me at he same time! I then got a headach and sat down on the rim of his bathtub. I then realized that i had pissed in his sink, and that the guy i had gotten so angry with was my reflection in the mirror. I went to sleep. In the morning i had found my hand was badly brused, but besides that i felt great :)

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