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I wasnt even Awake....

Well it was My .

Well it was My .... i think 4th time on mushrooms that month.... and i had done this Chocolate Puck, its made from the spores, i dont know some 50 year old ladie makes them and each Puck has like 2gs of spores.. so its supposed to be pretty intense. well i did that, and eating it was a charm. cause it was chocolate:) well.. i ate them at 10:00.. and i had to get home by 2.. so i fidured it would be all good..well By 11:15 i wasnt feeling much, just the colors started to stand out, and my friend's dad had this Crazy Lightning Lamp , and when you put ur hand on it the waves of lightining would follow your hand, so i played with that a bit, then my buddies parents started smoking some weed Laced with honey oil. so i took a hoot of that, and thats when everything hit.

I started Noticing my friends face was doing wierd Expressions..( as we all do while tripping ) but it seemed scarryer, like his eyebrows would pop out of his face and his eyes looked dark, so he reminded me of the reaper.. all of a sudden. i entered a diffrent world. i was still sitting in the same room, but i was talking to Him , and we were having a deep converstation about how Words were wierd, how One word could mean one thing but if someone decided to change it, it would mean something else, and that all we have to understand eachother are words. well i would answer back and change the convo to Words and then faces, how noses and ears were wierd, how looking was wierd , an eye can see everything?.. well after about 40min, i came out of this trance to realise that i had been sitting there talking to the Lightining Light. and my friends were sitting there laughing at me and confuised of what i was talking about. by that time it was already 12:40... and i was no where near done my tripp.

so i would keep going in and out like that and thinking i was Haveing conversations. i decided to whip me out a cigarette..it was the crazyest cigareette id ever smoked. the Smoke would come out in Shapes, one a whale, one a Banana and water and looked like clouds. i was in my own world and i loved it.

after i was done my cigarette. i started talkint to my friend again, about TV, and The world and how fucked up everthing is. after a while i feel someone tap my shoulders, i wake up and its my friend stading across from where i was talking to him, he says " hey, youve been talking to yourself for 2 hours. you have to get home now its 2.

well i had to take the bus home alone, and there was a guy sitting in front of me, and i kept thinking he was made of wax, then id be like.. no hes no, im just seeing shit, but he was so still and pale..
Well after what felt like 3 hours on a bus starting at some guy made of wax, i missed my stop and got off.. i had to walk by the hospital so i was getting a fwe chills.. and it was scarring me.. but then i rubbed it off and continued looking at the trees, they looked so calm and quiet.. i thought i was disturbing them, because when i walked i made noise, and they kinda shrivled.

might high was going down a bit so it was good, once i got home i was scared to go to sleep, my sheets looked like water, i managed to get into bed.. i wasnt sleeping but my eyes were closed, i dont know if i was dreaming of haveing Flashbacks, but nothing made sense and tahts that.

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