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First mushroom trip

Ok, I hjave always wanted to try shrooms but could never find any.

Ok, I hjave always wanted to try shrooms but could never find any. Well one day I finally found some. I don't remember what kind they were.

At school the next day my friend asked me if I wanted to smoke a bowl at my house. I agreed and told him I had some shrooms.

Later that day, after school, we met at a local park and walked to my house since he couldnt remembner where I live. We went to my house and ingested the shrooms at around 4:30. We waited for them to take affect and started to watch a movie. My friend threw something across the room and thats when I saw the trails. WOW! I knew that this was the beggining of my trip.

We then decided to go smoke my frinds weed to make the trip go smoother and more intense. We went in my room and smoked about an 8th between us. (I forgot to say that we split about an 8th only a little more) i could defenently feel the weed and the shrooms working.

We decided to take a walk. This was my neighborhood so I led the way. My friend said he wanted to go to a really big park and told me to find it. So we walked around and looked at every park we found. I remember saying that I was falling into the road. We were walking in the street. When I would look down at the road I saw little paths stacked on top of each other. I cant explain the feeling but it was intense.

Now my friend decided he wanted to go back to my house. Oh shit! I couldnt remember how to get home. We just decided to wander around till I found a familiar place. It worked. On the way home we stoped at a park for a smoke. It felt really good. And the smoke was coolto look at. It kept forming things. Like bunnys and houses (small houses of course). I was amazed of all the powrs of this drug. At this point I was peaking. The swing set was melting and I kept hearing incredably loud flies overhead.

After we where done smoking we left and started walking home again. On the way I saw other things melt and when I looked at the fence the posts would jump out at me.

All in All this was a pretty good trip.

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