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I was Really Sick

Ok, so we were all sittin at my Girlfriend's house.

Ok, so we were all sittin at my Girlfriend's house...I'm also good friends with her brother, Ed, and we were pretty bored. Ed had called his girlfriend over and I had invited our other buddy Mudge. Finally everyone had arrived, and we decided that we should chew some shrooms. we get GREAT shrooms in our city but they're expensive. None the less we called our local Shroom supplier and picked up about 10 grams. Mudge had some weed he was gonna smoke cuz he won't do shrooms and Ed's Woman awnted to drink (so did I) so we picked up a 40oz of Absolute Vodka. The Shroom supplier and the vodka showed up at the same time..so we were all happy...I ate half of my 2 grams, Everyone else ate all of theirs and there was a little left over. We smoked a couple joints and waited for the trip. After about 20 minutes it started slowly.. we all laughed (mudge was so annoying) then I cracked upen the vodka (no mix, eww) and began to schwail away. then I finished my shrooms and thats when the trip REALLY started..I had read earlier that day that shrooms can sometimes cause religiouls awakenings..and this is exactly what had happened to me...I went upstairs where Devil's Advocate was playing on the t.v. There was the devil surrounded by flames right on the screen. When all of a sudden devil heads started coming out of the walls as if they were skin being stretched...Little something (kinda like elvs) were popping from the floor and all I could see behin me was a bright light...THIS IS IT I thought, this is where I have to pick between heaven and hell....I though about it..heaven has all the nice things in life..Entertainment centers..nice music..cleanliness...but hell has all the sex booze and drugs you could want...in the end I decided to stay on earth, where I proceded to go back downstairs to finish the bottle (ed's woman decided not to drink) and smoke more pot. well within about 15 minutes I started to lose my body...I was totally numb..all I remember saying is "I've never been so fucked up in my life, I'm gonna go trip out in the washroom" which was a lie..I just wanted to puke..so there I puked over the toilet (tripping hard all the while) never missing. My girl came in and laughed at me but all I could say was "I'll be fine, gimmie an hour..." and I was...the next dy I felt fine...I slept half the night on the bathroom floor then I finally made it up to our room. all in all it was an excellent night because of the AMAZING visuals and the fun I had. Later I decided that my punishment for not chosing between heaven and hell was to stay on earth and get sick...hope you liked this story..I sure did

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