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I WAS IN A MOVIE.....Until

Lemme start out by saying this was my 3rd time tripping.

Lemme start out by saying this was my 3rd time tripping. I had done other shit before but, we'll not get into that. We didn't want to trip at my place so we went to a friend's house. Tony(friend) and I both took 1/8th oz. of the shizzy. I think I had eatin' a little more than an 1/8th, plus hadn't eating anything all day(big mistake). After about 30min the shrooms begun to kick in. Things were movin around and I was laugin my ass off. Tony was just sitting around trippin too. 10min after that, I got more visual. Everything was just going nuts. The room was changing colors, shrinking, and stretching. I was getting mad tracers. I could see tracers of my other friend, Steve, when he was walking across the room. During this time, I felt like I was some sort of god. I felt like I could make anything possible. Another 10 min pass, another staged hit me. I had loss some bit of reality by now. I was convinced that I was in a movie. That in my friend's house were hidden camera. Kinda like I was in "The Truman Show". It was a trip. "Unbelieve", I told myself, " I'm in a fucking movie". Everyonetold me that I was stupid and that I wasn't in a movie. But what do that know? They're not the ones tripin balls. Did I mention by now, my friends all look like cartoons? Around 30min later after my movie stage, I had a different trip. By now I had no idea whether I'm dreaming or not. Whether I really even exist or not. I just felt really confused at this point. I didn't know know where I was at, nor could I remember my friend's name, whom was sitting in front of me. Then I started to feel depressed. Time was at a stand still. Boy, did that suck ass. It felt like time wasn't moving at all. My friend suggested we play blackjack to keep my mind off of it. That didn't help because by then I had forgotten how to count. The night dragged on at a slow rate, then FINALLY the shit wore off.

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