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I was 5 years old it seemed

I tripped with Two of My friends.

I tripped with Two of My friends. we pu tup all kinds of posters all over her aparment and happened to have a 5lb bag of mike and ike

I ate about 2/3 of an 1/8 ...not sure the type of Shrooms but they were blue and most of them were still whole and closed caped.

it took me about 1/2 hour to start. and i really slowed into it. suddenly the light of the candle was something i could only describe as "Glorious" and every seemed so tall... mainly because i had no realization of the fact i was sitting down

eveyr oen said my voice became more high pitched and i talked as if i was a five yearold and ran around.

all i did was draw with color penicl adn all my drawing would be irdenest rainbo and drip along the page.

there was a black light poster and everything on it moved and talked, a rive in the poster sudden flowed on to the carpet and splash neon everywhere.

a tapersy looked liek it had veins flowing with blood... adn eveyrone around me kept saying they were only getting visaul trips.

but for me I kept screaming that I stop time.

I looked at the mirror at my own reflection. i definatly sugest it.. it was so amazing.. my eyes were huge and i saw so many things when i looked in my mye...like they became cat eyes and i became a black cat.

then object in tht room would smile or frowm at me and the mike and ike's would grow and swim around.

i called people because i wanted to tell them how much phone i was having and when i talked to them there voice foated in lines from the phone and danced around the room.. much like the drawing i did. and the voices would surround me or seem as if they were coming from the talking abouts.

i like crawling on ther ground more then anything...standing up sorta made me dizzy.

and i called all the none trippers there "teacherish" names like "Miss colleen" and "Miss amanda"

my eyes watered like crazy two and i don't know why.

by the end of my trip i realized i didn't stop time, and i wasn't five.. but it was annoying because i was trying to sleep and things were still 3-d is or the door would melt or slide off the wall and the tv would be 3-d but then i kne the things were real... during the begining i couldn't tell.

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