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I turned into a giraffe....

What a great night.

What a great night...This was my third time shrooming and every time has been realyl good so far...This was my first time eating a whole eighth though.

We started off the night at like 10 by eating them. I ate em straight with nothing. Tasted pretty "shitty". Then we popped in a nice VHS copy of Alice in Wonderland. About half hour to forty five mintues later my stomach and head hurt a little bit, a little out of the ordinary but very minor. Then I felt myself uncontrollably laughing like a little kid watching this cartoon that is SO WILD you cant even believe it. Then my friends went in another room to smoke some REEFA, but i stayed in there by myself. The lights were off except for a couple and then I started trippin reaaaaal hard. My head felt really heavy especially listenin to jimi hendrix. My eyes were going bonkers and i just kept laughing to myself. Then I smoked a nice fat blunt. And i began to trip real hard. Walking down long halways looked so cool. It looked like a had a fish eye lens. Awsome. Then we went outside and it just so happened to be a full moon and the rain clouds were just passing over and it looked unbelievable. We smoked a couple of cigarettes and watched the sky. Then we passed by this pool...but it was so high that my friends couldnt see the water, only I could because Im like 6 foot 5. so my friend called me a giraffe. and once he said that somehting must have snapped in my brain because i felt my arms began to stiffen and my hands closed into fists. and i looked at them and it looked and felt like I had hooves. crazyiness. and then in the light i was in it looked like i had yellow skin i guess and i walked under and tree and the shadows made it look like i had spots! sooo crazy i couldnt even believe it.

It was such a good trip to beacuse I felt like a had control over all of my trips. I could trip out at a blank wall and see some crazy shit and stop it whenever I wanted too, best feeling ever.

Some other hallucinations including seeing a huge ass whale in the East River of NYC. A coyote, and an alligator sat in front of me. A naked madonna with fiery hair sat next to me on my bed. I felt as if I was on a ship at one point with all my buds, and then i started seeing crazy rainbow patterns all around me and huge faces cant forget those. just an unbelivable experience.

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