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I told my Mom :-(

So about 3 years ago my buddy tells me he can get me a quarter of some real good shrooms for 50.

So about 3 years ago my buddy tells me he can get me a quarter of some real good shrooms for 50. so I'm like OK. he hooks it up real fat. I give my friend a gram or 2 and eat the rest. This is my only time ever tripping.

So i am at my house waiting for the come up and a lot of people used to call me so i invited a few of them to come out. anyways before i knew it there was at least ten people in my small bedroom. So i had quite of bit of money on me and i decide to put it away. except for 25 dollars to buy some weed with. So this guy who is there offers to take me to get some weed.

About this time i start to feel the effects coming on. So I go with these 2 guys to get weed. These guys kinda have a reputation for being shady but they've always been cool with me. Anyways we are driving in there car which has a stolen license plate on it. It is a snow storm outside. The drivers dad spotted him and he wasn't supposed to be driving the car. So he starts trying to get away in his rx7 driving fast around corners in an apartment complex while we are being chased by this big red pickup truck with this crazy pissed off redneck chasing us. Next thing we know the redneck loses control and crashes into a stop sign. So we keep driving and now I'm starting to trip hard and apparently there weed guy answer the phone. So we go back to my house and meet up with the rest of my good friends. Anyways i ask for the 25 i give em back. They say dude u never gave it to us. I was just like whatever I'm almost positive i gave u the money but I'm too fucked up to deal with this regardless. Then I'm like already we gotta leave my house my mom is downstairs and its way to crowded and its freaking me out.

So the shady guys leave. Me and the rest of my friends start to drive...I'm in the backseat. MSI is playing which is awesome. And we go to the mall. I walk in and the pillars are just insane. I feel like i just walked in to gates of hell yet i wasn't having a bad trip at all.

So I'm upstairs looking down on the bottom floor and i See friend i hadn't seen in a while and yell hey dude. so more than one person looks up at me and I'm just holy shit it feels like everyone is staring at me so i just kinda got out of there.

Then we go to this store that sells all kinds of trippy shit like lights and lava lamps and shit and chill in there for like half an hour and i as just in awe. So then we just chill in the food court for a while and I'm looking down at the counter and it just starts swirling i am getting some full out tripped out visuals.

By now its getting kind of late. Its a school night so my friends have to go home. So i tell them I'm str8 to go home and they drop me off. I walk in and go str8 to my room cuz I'm too fucked up to talk to my family. So I go to get on my laptop and realize that someone had stepped on it when all those people were in my room and broke the screen. It looked totally tripped out and crazy and i was kinda upset but didn't let it bother me too much i only paid 150 dollars for it and it was a little outdated. Any ways then i just decided to lay down and chill. Fucking its crazy. I look over at my fish tank that hasn't been cleaned in a while and its low on water and it is quite depressing to me. I start to just want to stop tripping. It has been over eight hours since had ate them and i felt like a was still coming up. So I'm thinking and i just wanna be normal and not think about shrooms and all all these shrooms and shit in my room start dancing and i subconsciously start to sing along with them in the tempo of the song du haast. "Don't!, Don't you do. Don't you do...."these shrooms" but like everything was crazy as fuck. so that goes on for a while and im feeling kind of uneasy now. Like wat the hell is going on why am i singing this shit. I get up to piss and in the bathroom i look at myself in the mirror. I look like a fucking monster. My skin looks like it is all crazy. I look bloody and And my skin looks similar to the skin of a baked turkey on thanksgiving and the look in face is just scary. So i go back to my room and now i feel like my trip is going very bad. I remember hearing something about someone tripping that never stopped tripping and had to be put in an insane asylum for the rest of his life. I started thinking that i was never going to stop tripping. Surely one could not be tripping for this long and not feel the comedown effects. SO then i start to think about how i have lot not lived that good of a life lately. Ll i did was smoke pot all the time and i pretty much didn't even talk to my family much cuz i was always out hanging out and partying. So I decide if i ever do stop tripping that i am never doing drugs again. So i wait longer and i start thinking all right i gotta go tell my mom i have to go the hospital its time for them to put me in the funny factory. SO i walk down and give her a hug and tell her i need to go the hospital i think. I tell her i ate some magic mushrooms. I look over at my little brother who looks like an alien to me at the time and I'm just like holy shit. So I tell her i sorry i am and how i never am doing drugs again and hopefully i stop tripping. After talking to her for a while i come down all at once and and I'm just like damn that was like a dream but fuck that really fucking happened. But i was still dead serious about never doing drugs again. So i talk to a couple of my friends on the phone about how I'm not doing drugs anymore. And everyone was like holy shit hes never gonna do drugs again. SO I'm at school the next day. And finally one of my friends was like dude u had a bad trip and tripped out u need to just come smoke a j with me. and then i did and just thought damn I'm gonna plan my next trip out a lot better than that.

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