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I think i opened a gateway !!

Hello my name is steve,this is an account of my experiances with mushrooms.

Hello my name is steve,this is an account of my experiances with mushrooms.

I recently visited Amsterdam with some friends.One friend had been before and his experiances with mushrooms was well known amongst us,he had had a bad trip so we were all aware of the dangers.A few of us however decided we were going to try some.

Untill i purchased the mushrooms the only other thing i had tried was dope, which i never really liked, so i was wary of eating them but also slightly excited.

I asked the lady in the shop about the mushrooms,strenghs, what to expect ect.She advised us on the different strenghs,so i purchased the weakest type known as mexican.

It was explained that i should eat half, see how i feel then eat the rest if all was well.Im not sure of the weight,but there were about eight to a pack.I ate half the pack and within half an hour they began to take affect.I felt fine at this point so consumed the remaider of the pack.

The experiance i was having was visual as well as relaxing.Colours were very bright, as it was night time there were all different coloured lights on,i found it to be really buetifull.

After about an hour or there abouts, that visuall effect wore off, lights looked normall again, in a way it became rather dull in comparison.I decided,having really enjoyed that experiance,to take more.Only this time i wanted ones that were a little stronger.Big mistake.

I found another shop which sold mushrooms,which is not really hard to do in Amsterdam,and made inquiries about Tai mushrooms.These are the next step up from mexican.

This time i ate less than half the pack so as to air on the side of caution.After about twenty minites they began to take affect,although this time it was completely different.

The first thing that happened was all sense of understanding broke down.Have you ever had a lot of alcohol got drunk then tried to have a conversation ? Your aware of some one talking to you but you dont understand what they are saying,also your not aware of any one around you.So im looking at this friend whos talking to me when,they start turning green.

I realised i was hallucinating and the effect stopped.Then i felt "sober" again all normality had returned.I explained the experiance and continued talking quite normally thinking it had worn off, when the exact same thing happened and again and again.I thought i was ok one minite then i would change.My friend even began to sprought whiskers and her nose became black.She was turning into a character from toad of toad hall.

I became paronoid thinking people were talking about me.One moment i felt ok the next i was in another world.So i got one of my friends to take me back to the hotel,it was there i sorted my self out.

I sat in front of a mirror and watched as i tranformed in to green,an old man,even getting bigger.Three types of personality,how we see ourselves how people see us and how we would like to be seen,all appeared to me.I knew i had to fight the feelings of paranoia and control the visuals.I argued with myself convinced my self i was ok.Each time i wouold look normall in the mirror,i was winning so to speak.After a short while,time becomes irrevalent,i was able to control the visuals and all the horrible feelings that tried to manafest them selves.I could turn on the hallucinations and turn them off.

Listed here are some of the things i experianced:-

A person walking towards me produced fangs
Seeing people in 3d
every one looking the same,every one was gay wearing leathers (that was scary lol)every one happy,every one miserable,every one mean looking.I was able to say what i wanted to see at this point.
I came to crossroads (in my mind)where i met satan and god,not visually,i was asked who i was going to follow.
I was able to see all different personnalities in people,i could look at a person and be able to see into there mind.
I questioned weather infact this was the real world and the one im used to is a pretend one.Where we do things because we think we should and have been told to,but not the one we should be in.I felt i had opened a gateway to another realm (sounds weird doesnt it)In one moment i wandered if i wanted to return to "normality"

So thats some of the experiance, some of it i cant explain properly without tottally confusing you.Most of it i really enjoyed funnily enough,i was never scared because i had read of people tripping on lsd and knew i was only doing what thousands have done before me and that it would not last.I enjoyed having the power to see what wanted to see or hallucinate, i enjoyed being able to turn away the darker side of it.

Just to finish i would say this,if your going to eat mushrooms then go to a person or shop where they will advise you,the second shop i went to explained i should chew on them slowly and that was all.In the first shop i was given a list which detailed the effects you would expect to experiance,lengh of time it would last and even who should eat them,begginers to experianced.In the second shop however no information was offered.

Be prepared to experiance voices, paronoia, hallucinations,you wont allways have these episodes if your carefull but if you do be prepaired.Understand beforehand what is likely to happen if you eat too many.

Did i eat too many ? were the second lot of mushrooms laced? did i really reach a point between heaven and hell? I know i now understand ying and yang and equilibriam more so than ever before.Would i eat them again? who knows.

Thanks for reading.

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