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first impressions

i first did shrooms during August of '99.

i first did shrooms during August of '99. i was actually buying E when the person mentioned that they also had shrooms, so i bought some of those too :). anyhow, it was an eighth and i was warned that they were pretty potent, so i decided to split the eighth with a friend of mine. i ate them on an empty stomach and within 45 minutes i could feel that things were starting to kick in. no upset stomach whatsoever...i usually don't get sick on drugs, but it was also a small dose. my friend and i decided that we wanted to be outside so we walked to one of our other friend's house. while sitting outside, i was having some pretty cool, however mild visuals: patterns on the sidewalk, swirling pavement. it was pretty cool. eventually, we went into the house and smoked some pot. i love how much smoke you can take into your lungs with no problem while tripping, rolling, etc. once we smoked, the trip was coming on a little harder. my friend (who i ate the shrooms with) and i were in a laughing fit for a while, and then she told me to go look at the fish in the fish tank. so i went over and just stared at them. the fish were funny as hell. after a while, i just lay down on the floor and stared at the ceiling. it was a drop ceiling with the tiny little holes that have no rhyme or reason to them. they were sliding in one direction on all the panels.

we then transferred ourselves to another friend's apartment.
when we came up on a stop sign, it seemed like the letters were vibrating. in our friend's apartment, more laughing and giggling. on the refrigerator were those word magnets, and when i stared at them, i saw patterns of coral snakes. it was cool. the carpet had all sorts of patterns on it. another thing: i was staring at the ceiling and there was this big crack in it (for real) that was kind of raised up (or down? you know what i mean), and i commented how it was almost like a piece of art. my shrooming friend agreed, and we talked about how modern art only makes sense when you are tripping. when we left, i was watching the trees blow in the wind, but the leaves seemed to vibrate at the same time, similar to the letters on the stop sign. my shrooming friend and i returned to our own home.

by this time we were coming down somewhat. we listened to alot of music because as you all know, music is just alot of fun when you're on drugs. so after alot of music listening, we started taking polaroids and watching them develop. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND DOING THIS WHILE TRIPPING! i've also done it when tripping on a nice dose of acid and it's just incredible. so we did that for a while, and once again felt like being outside so we took a walk to this sculpture garden on our university's campus.

it was summer so nobody was around which was cool. and we sat and stared at these modern art type sculptures. like i said above, they just made so much sense. these twisted masses of metal made perfect sense to me. i love that understanding. we spent some time staring at the ground, which seemed to ripple and breathe. one thing i noticed about the come down from shrooms that was SO different from acid, is that i didn't go through the "i suck. i am nothing. what is my life about?" thing. maybe it was because i was a friend, maybe because it was such a low dose, but acid come downs can be so shitty for me alot of the time. the come down off of the shrooms was cool. the hallucinations were gone of course, but it was as if everything was just interesting to look at...i.e. brighter colors and all that. we laid on the grass and gave the earth a massage :). at least that's what it felt like. anyway, i think i've gone on long enough. i'm going to be growing my own some time in the near future. wish me luck, and i'll be back to report on a higher dose when the time comes.

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