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i saw the light in my eyes

it was a bright spring day of the end of my sophmore year.

it was a bright spring day of the end of my sophmore year. me and four buddies wanted to try shrooms and got a hold of a 1/4 so we would split em four ways yaknow. well one of our buddies backed out and we got some homegrown buddies and started cheefin. we pulled out the fukin totinos frozen pizza, evenly displayed the shrooms on the pizza covered em with cheese and let it bake. (i think covering them with cheese is better because the shrooms dont dry up they become plump and juicy and taste much better). we went into the living room ate the pizza and started watching "a bugs life" which i suggest strongly. in about half an hour we got hit, hard, by the boomers. i was balls to the walls SPUN. we watched a bugs life and when the mean grasshoppers came in i got scared and ran out of the room.lol. then my freind had a hover disk so we went outside and played with that for what seemed like an hour. i layed in the grass for a while thinking about my life and i saw all the trees swaying, then everything stopped, and a face came out of the sky and said "i'm sorry' then everything came back into motion. i am not sure what that means but it touched me directly on my soul, i came to the verge of tears when that happened. i walked back into the house, where for some reason the other two were all looking at porn, what a waste. i layed down and looked out the window where i didnt see earth, i saw an alien planet with all metallic plants and a large rotating super bright sun. i gazed at this for a while then rolled over to look into the cracks of the couch. there i saw a cave in the cracks of the mattress. the cave went on for miles into the couch. the cave was cold and desolate looking, which at the time saddly reminded me of my soul. after that we all went for a hike in the woods. we were all sitting around this old dead tree, i swear to god it looked like the fukin tree from the lord of the rings, it was some crazy shit. in the end my first trip was deeply personal and religous even though i am not. i suggest shrooms and acid to anyone that has not tried them.

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