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I saw a U.F.O.

The players: Myself and my friends Kyle and EricThe Place: A concert at the Gorge in Centeral WA overlooking the Columbia riverThe Dosage: About 3 dried grams of P.

The players: Myself and my friends Kyle and Eric

The Place: A concert at the Gorge in Centeral WA overlooking the Columbia river

The Dosage: About 3 dried grams of P.cubensis
each (a mix of Australian and B+ strain) crushed into easy to swalow 00 capsules.
2000 mg of vitamin C taken about 20 minutes before dosing.

The Story: After arriving at the beautiful Gorge to see The Other Ones (with Ziggy Marley oening) and setting up camp, we hung out in the lot for awhile meeting new people and having fun. We dosed during Ziggy Marley, and I told my friends it would probably be a couple of hours before we felt anything 'cause it's been my experience that the capsules take longer to hit than if I eat the shroomies raw. Within 40 minutes all 3 of were feeling the effects.

After TOO took the stage, opening up with
"The Music Never Stoped" I realized that this trip may never stop! Feelings of anxiety started to overwhelm me and I got up to move around a little bit. Walking up to the top of the lawn and overlooking the entire gorge seemed to help put my mind at ease. Things were now starting to really morph into images of big, dark round eyes and grey skin. Alien
imagery was coming and going, along with skulls, bones, and skeltons. I decided to jet back to be with my friends.

Half an hour later my trip is just screaming right along. The alien images have quieted down and I'm just totally losing myself in the music. Kyle and Eric decide to go down front while I stay behind. By now I'm yawning uncontrollably and keep getting hot flashes and chills. The aliens have come back. I keep hearing whispering voices right behind me, but when I turn around, nobody is there.

All of a sudden, up in the sky appears 3 distinct bright lights moving in a way that defies gravity. These lights are shifting and jumping up and down, while at the same time moving across the sky. I can't believe it. I have a distinct feeling that the aliens are

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