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i loved it

i have tryed shroom 2 different times.

i have tryed shroom 2 different times. the first time i did it, i only eat a half of eighth. nothing happened... nothing.... wasnt mad it was free.... well the second time i eat them was omg.... i was at home with my husband he was sleeping it was 2am. so i was bored and so i eat them. this time i eat an eighth. had to eat them with something so i tryed chocolate it wasnt very good so i tryed applesauce now that was better. but i didnt eat it all at the same time i waited and waited it seemed nothing happened so i eat more well about 40 mins went by then it started working.... i talking to people on yahoo chat when it all started...omg i felt sooo sexual. i was talking like i never talked before on a computer. there was times that my body felt like i was orgasms. then i had to turn computer off cause the key board was getting smaller... so i moved to a different chair where i sat there for awhile cause i could get up(i was also smoking pot)well there was a small blanket on the floor so i put the blanket on me. well the blanket was apart of me. it was weird... then still feel like having orgasms... i would start laughing at nothing and clapping my hands. when i finally was able to get up i started dancing like hippies in the 70s. then i sat back down. and everytime i looked at my husband it looked like the futon was eating him and all i could do was laugh. i had to get up and walk around my house and my dog was following me around the house. well i went into the kitchen and omg these green thingies like aliens where coming out of my walls... i was saying those arent real and i wont hurt them and they wont hurt me well they went away so i went back and put the movie bad santa in and billys face was chaging shapes so i had to turn that off so i put in lion king one and a half in and the little guy(not the wort hog) was talking to me and then my dog started talking to me he wanted me to go outside and play with him and he told me that he was sorry for running off all the time. well i had to try the movie off too. well i was like 5am and i was kind of getting sleepy but i couldnt sleep still tripping...so i turned on some music and started dancing at this time i was cuming down but not fast enough i wanted it to end a lot sooner. but that was the best thing i ever felt. i would keep triping...peace out....HI from alaska

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