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I had a baby

Yea, my first time ever, only a half eigth.

Yea, my first time ever, only a half eigth. My freind and i were chillin outside when they kicked in. He dropped a cig into the grass and it looked like the grass had a glowing eye on it. The grass then started talking to me and i watched it grow. Then i started wandering around and then i felt this wierd feeling in my stomach, then i thought i was having a baby (yea, im a guy). I tried to push it out as hard as i could, but it just wouldn't budge, i kept telling my freind to call the veterenarian, but he couldn't stand up he was laughing so hard. finally when i delivered the baby, it floated away and then i layed down on the drive way. Then a stray dog came and i named him george and gave him a big hug. He was a bassat hound and those look goofy when ur not trippin. I mistook him for a seal by the way he walked and his big floppy feet. I took him inside and threw him in my freinds brother, witch started beating the shit out of it and then it ran away. After that i watched tv untill it wore off. It was great. Another time, a lesser dose, only i was shroomin, we were driving around, and a dog jumped in the window. That really happened, not just trip. lol. dogs like me when i shroom i guess.

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