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I grew scales

I'm in college and I live in the dorms.

I'm in college and I live in the dorms. I managed to find
some super strong mushrooms because I only ate
about half an eighth. Anyway, that night I was supposed
to call my parents, so I decided I would eat them right
after I got off the phone. I ate them about 8pm, and my
freind suggested I watch Willy Wonka, so I went to his
room to do so. I watched for about 20 minutes, but the
start of that movie isn't that trippie, and there were a lot
of people in the room. They all began to move and talk
really slow as my body went numb. I decided I had to be
alone, so I said I was leaving, and my voice sounded
very deep and slow. I went down to the tv lounge where
it was dark, and began to watch the Matrix. I was much
more relaxed now, and I began to watch the movie but
not really pay attention, my mind wandered, and I
started to think things that at the time seemed perfectly
normal, but now seem very strange. Specifically I
remember becoming very convinced that I was Jesus,
and this really pissed me off, I was in despair at being
the chosen one. That's when I noticed Laurence
Fishburne's voice in the movie had gotten very deep
and echoey, god-like, and he seemed to be talking right
to me, about how I was Jesus. Then I noticed scales
starting to form on Keanu Reeve's face. I decided to
take a piss and try to calm down. The lights outside
were very intense, bright yellow. When I made it to the
bathroom, the sound of my piss hitting the water was
very distant, and the toilet seat started to slowly reach
and try to grab me. I then looked in the mirror, and was
comfronted by some sort of deranged alligator man. I
had a demented grin on my face, which was light green
and scaly. My big dreadlockes seemed alive, like
snakes, I thought it was great. I was paying little
attention to other people, but I vaguely remember them
looking really scared, but that could have been my
twisted perception. I went back to watch the Matrix, but
not for very long. The voices on the screen were all very
loud and echoey, the couches in the lounge were
squirming like slugs. A student, who looked more like
an elf, was doing some sort of strange hopping dance
as he walked by me. I started to realize that I was
tripping pretty damn hard, alone, in a public place, and
decided I should leave before it got any crazier. I struck
out for my dorm room, but it was quite the struggle, the
stairs were wiggling back and forth, somebody talked to
me, I muttered a "hi." My voice seemed like it was
coming from somebody next to me. I felt like I was
swimming through the air. I began to panic as I looked
around me and saw a very intensely colored world that
was swaying back and forth like trees in the wind,
except instead of just trees it was whole buildings. I
was almost back to my room when I saw my friend,
who looked kind of like some sort of weird little bear.
"There you are. How's it going?" he asked. "I'm seeing
all kinds of shit. Lizards!" I said, it was hard to
communicate my thoughts. "Really? Come on, come
with me," he said. But he wasn't on mushrooms, and I
didn't dare go back out where I had just come from, I
took off up the stairs to my room. Things were getting
really strange by this time. My room was breathing, and
it was glowing in bright colors. I looked outside, and my
trip took a turn for the worst when I saw a police car in
the parking lot. Police cars are a pretty regular sight
around here, but at the time I was completely convinced
that they were there for me. I freaked out, contemplated
jumping out the window, and for some reason throwing
my laptop out the window seemed like a reasonable
idea. Luckily I didn't do anything too weird. I turned off
the lights, and layed down and tried to relax, but I kept
hearing little whispery voices, and seeing strange
skeletal images in the dark. My dreads seemed to be
trying to strangle me, I thought about cutting them, or
ripping them, off. I couldnt stay in one place, I must
have looked rediculous, or more likely insane, running
around the room muttering with fear. I closed my eyes
and immediately giant savage bugs started flying
before my eyes. I didn't think I could handle it much
longer, when suddenly I either started to come down, or
I came to some sort of realization, but things were not
so scary anymore. I just decided to go with it, that this
was how it was, and not to fight it. My trip became much
better, I put on some Doors music, which sounded
beautiful. The room was still kind of dancing, and it
looked cartoonish. I drew some sketches, which now
look incredibly demented. I wandered out into the hall,
and flashed insane grins at people who walked by, I
think I really scared one girl in particular. Anyway,
gradually I came down more and more. I'd lost all
sense of time, but I think it was now about 1am, 5
hours since I ate the mushrooms. I suddenly had the
urge to walk into town, wear I bought a cinnamon roll,
but did not want to eat it. I gave it to three homeless
guys, and then with them I had probably the weirdest
conversation of my life, something about nerf footballs,
and how it was so crazy that you can't know what's
going on somewhere, if you are somewhere else.
Obviously I had not come all the way down. Anyway, I
finally managed to make it back, and go to sleep. It was
twisted. Those were some really good fucking
shrooms. I'm just glad my roommate was gone all
night, I may have tried to strangle him or bite his leg or

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