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I got fucked over

ok So i have triped many times befor, but one day i picked a feach pound of shrooms.

ok So i have triped many times befor, but one day i picked a feach pound of shrooms. After a week of drying they where ready to eat. So the nexted day i sold a 8th to my friend so he could trip with me me and him both took around 25 cyeniseds and waited for the trip to start. within 10 minutes the trip started for me and him.

we sat in my living room listening to the doors and triping balls. the wood panels on my walls had sparkels in the grains and glowed as bright as the sun. also in the corner of my eyes there would seem to be a flaslight lighting the room it was crazy.

After 30 minutes the house became overwhilming with colors and feelings, I could feel like a had a 10 pound wieght on my face. so then we left my house and went for a walk in the woods. at this time my friend told me he had to be home in a half hour( this was just after starting to really trip. in the woods we sat on a log and triped the tops of trees looked like they where being blown apart.

after walking throught a path into the woods to town we arrived a walgreens to get something to drink right after we payed for are drinks my friend puked right at the check out stand, there were about 20 people looking at me and him we could barely walk. When he puked we could see the parts of shrooms because we had nothing to eat, Then he gave me a look like he was in a other world , and sat down in the puddle of puke and tried to put on his jacket. BY this time a had ran out of the store back home.
this is when me trip went bad. my skin felt like there was something crawling under my skin. It made me feel sick so a took a shower after a got out and put on some clothes, my door bell rings i look out the window to see two cops at my front door. not thinking i go and anser my door the two cops come and tell my that my friend has ether Over DOsed or eatin bad mushrooms. I try to bullshit them and tell them i was not with him but he confesed to the whole thing. The cops then caled my dad and had my arested for dealing shrooms. with nothing on my they let me go only to come back the next day with a serch warent. they find my ounce and i went to jail for 3 mounths. whenn i got out a bet the shit out of the kid with a light metel bat.by the way this all happend on the day befor cristmas eve, and my dad was sure happy.

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