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I foretold the future

I got these cubes from one of my friends.

I got these cubes from one of my friends. He warned me that they were strong, and let me tell you they were. I live up in the mountains so one of my friends and I went out to the wilderness and ate our mushrooms. I had about 2 and a half grams. It took a real long time to kick in and I started getting worried they wouldn't work. They deffinitely ended up working. We were having a real good time and I suggested that we cruise up to another spot with a waterfall. Stupid idea never drive while you are tripping.
Anyway we reached our destination took a walk and by now I didn't even know what was happening I just kept thinking about how selfish man kind is. we ended up just sitting on a log for about an hour and a half and decided to go back. We were so messed up we couldn't figure out how we got there and got lost for about 15 minutes. I will admit I was pretty scared. We found our way out and were very happy. This is when the wierdest thing that has ever happened to me happened. We started driving back to town while driving I saw this kid in a red shirt running around in the middle of the road. I told my friend look out for that little kid. It turns out there was no little kid there. My friend looked at me saying what are you talking about for like 2 minutes I didn't hear him. He ended up slowing down. Around the next turn however there was a little kid and his mother. I firmly believe if I would not have seen that fake kid in the road we would have hit that family.

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