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I drank this tea

I've been doing hallucinagenic drugs for about three years now.

I've been doing hallucinagenic drugs for about three years now. I done many types of mushrooms, acid, and ecstacy(if you consider that a hallucinagen). I usually do mushrooms though, because I pick them myself and I know they won't kill me unless I take way too much. My favorite used to be the ones with the blue rings. I know hella spots to pick em' and if I take alot, I'll fry better off them then acid(people don't believe me when I tell them that). I know its not because I didn't take enough because once I sucked on a vile for like 15 seconds, I swear! Anyway these mushrooms I took about a week ago were little brown ones with small nipples and they grow along the trails of a forest by my house. Me and three friends brewed up about 80 of em in some tea, drank it, and started to walk down to the river.

15 minutes later everything started to breath,and 15 minutes after that I found myslef in the bathroom of a gook store, I don't know how I got there, these were some good mushrooms. After I heard my fiends yelling for me I realized that I was in the middle of a busy road, I thought I was in the bathroom. these are some really good mushrooms.

Somehow we made it to the river without getting creamed by a car. I went to take a piss. As I went my pissed looked like it was a small river and I thought I saw a little dude in a conoe. When I got back to my friends , which felt like it took an hour, I asked them what the fuck were they doing in the water. They were saying shit like what the fuck are you talking about and your trippin. As you might have guessed, they weren't in the water. But I could swear they were in the river up to there knees. As i got closer to them I realized they were like 10 feet from the water. my friend jeff kept saying the weirdest shit and was trippin me out. Before long the forest around us was dancin to the beat of the river and the water had a slight purple tint as it seemed to run sideways from shore to shore(it made plenty of sense at the time).

After a pleasent hour or so, I'm not sure because I had no perception of time, we found this book on the ground. I opened it up and all it said was stuff like " mesiah begat david, david begat noah, noah begat samual" and it went on like this! As I was trying to think of what the fuck begat means when suddenly I tripped out and threw the book in the river. Before I go on I would like to sincerely apologize to all the believers of the New Testament. After the damage was done my friend jeff told me that that was the new testament and now Im going to hell. I laughed and told him anything that makes about as little sense as that book should be damned. Realizing the possible mistake I just made I apologized to god and blamed it on the mushrooms. But I don't believe in god and I did it becuase I cursed a holy book I got scared.

Then we made our way to the local safeway to use the phone. I called my friend and after talking to like six people, I was able to tell them that what I was trying to say was I needed to be picked up and brought to his house to buy chronic. While I waited for my ride we suddenly noticed that one of my friends was gone. We didn't have time to look for him because suddenly this hot chic comes out of left field talking about shit that I couln't understand. she was gigglely as fuck and was making no sense. Then her hot aunt comes out of right field saying hi and that she needs a calling card. by looking at the two of them we could tell they wanted to bone. But they were trippin us out and there were three of us and two of them so we eventually told them to get the damn calling card and get the fuck out of here.(what the hell was I thinking)I swear the older one grew antler as she walked away. thats when I really started trippin.

As I watch this rhino run across the street i notice my ride was here. I hop in but the driver was not levi( the guy who was picking us up),It was guy with a viking helet on. He puts on some heavy metal music and we rock out on the the way to matts.
I could swear the car never stopped once but I couldn't tell because everything we went by was just a tracer.

when we arrive I notice matts house is no longer blue like usual, but a wierd color of purple with yellow moving dots. He was having a party as usuall but every one was drinking minute maid( I know I was trippin). I hung out ,fried balls , smoked pot, and then some one put the four foota in front of my face.

I said what the hell and hit it like a champ(I can take really big hits when I fry, my friends can too). I didn't get stoned because of the mushrooms, but all of a suuden the whole room started spinning and looking like a picaso painting. I had to get out. I went down stairs but nothing changed. I went outside and smoked a stoge.

Then I looked over and almost lost it. there was a horse staring me straight in the face. I flipped out, ran upstairs and told matt there was a horse in his yard. He calmly told me that I was in his horse field and that I had ridden that horse before. I couldn't comprehend.

everything started to fade to black. I was having a phat head rush. I fell on a bed and closed my eyes. I was looking into a kaladoscope it felt like, but 3-d. When I opened my eyes the room was empty excpept for a racoon on the couch and a giant snail on the wall and everything else looked like an oil painting that was still wet and running everywhere. thats when I passed out.

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