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First Ever Trip

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Just thought I'd submit this, which is basically just a modified version of a longer report I posted on another site about a trip to Amsterdam 2 weeks ago. I hope I'm doing this right because I havn't read any of the other trip reports yet, as I wanted this to be about the things I remember and not the things other people have reminded me of.

Anyway as a bit of a background, I'd gone to Holland for the weekend with a few mates, and two of us (the other being Jason) decided to try mushrooms for the first time. We bought them from a shop near the red light district at about 2pm, unfortunatly I don't remember what they were called or anything, but they were long, a greeny colour and pretty flat. Also quite dry (probably like about 3,000 other types of mushroom for all I know).

About half hour after as we ate them we got onto one of those Canal Tour boats. Just as we set off, Jason was starting to feel a bit lightheaded (think he said he even felt a bit sick)...me...nothing. Starting to get a bit worried that a) nothing's happening b) we don't have a clue what we're doing. Then started feeling a bit woozy...started finding things strangly funny (as was Jason). For example "the man who used to live here was known as John The Sailor" or something....had me crying my eyes out Then came the boat-shaped building which (even though I could see it was attached to the ground) I still thought was a boat. Jason remarked on the colour of the water (I reckon he was about 5-10 minutes ahead of me trip-wise) which I noticed was a nice shade of purple. It wasn't until we got out of the boat that everything hit me. Really hard!

I don't know if it's possible to come up suddenly on Mushrooms, or if it was just the shock of leaving the confines of the tour boat and stepping into the crowded street (looking back I think maybe the latter is correct). Suddenly, nothing was real. We were walking down the road..but I couldn't comprehend why I was moving. I was getting anxious too because I had a nagging feeling that we should be somewhere, but that we were walking and getting nowhere. That there was no goal or purpose to anything...hard to explain. I had to stop a couple of times just to get my head together coz walking was really scaring me, because I couldn't figure out why I was moving and therefore I couldn't imagine stopping either. Also I had no sense of bounderies. I couldn't comprehend the difference between pavements, grass, roads, whatever. Which made for much parania standing in the middle of a packed square convinced I was going to get run over. All I can say..thank god we had two more with us who were in their right minds. Oh and they were the only two real people apart from me and Jason, everybody else we passed wasn't real. Neither was Amsterdam. Anyway back to the hotel and that's when things get good (after the neverending staircase to our room on the 4th floor). This is when the colours first started to hit me properly I think. The sky was just so rich..but it wasn't like a new colour. It was as though it had always been like that but I'd never seen it in that way before. Like the mushrooms had removed a filter from my brain or something and I was seeing colour properly for the first time. Not just the sky...the neon signs on the buildings, the tail lights of the cars, people's clothes, Jason pointed out a light shining onto the roof opposite and it made the roof look like a rainbow. A plane flew overhead and it was just unreal. Even looking at pure white light gave the impression that you could see an entire spectrum of colour. It was amazing. Then looking down at the people...it was like you could focus on one person and everybody else didn't matter. Like that peson was the very center of my world. Only way I can describe it is like a computer game (Command & Conquour) or something where you can make the camera follow a single unit. So that one unit stays in the center of the screen and the rest of the level just scrolls by. The whole city had this feel to it, like it was there just for me and that nothing was going anywhere. Ever played Max Payne? When you look out of a window you see a car drive past. But you know that it isn't going anywhere, as soon as it's out of view of the player it ceases to exist. It's just a prop, put there for your benifit. Well that's what the world outside felt like. I couldn't imagine anything beyond the end of our street, and if I could pick up the building in front of our hotel there would be nothing behind it...just a desert with a single street in it.

Just a couple more things to mention; the curves weren't too intense but there was definetly a slight curvyness to some things. The radiator in our room for instance, the road beneath us look like it was a hill when it was actually flat. Also the walls seemed to breath, and as the ceiling was curved anyway (all the way to the floor) and had beams all the way down I got the impression I was inside a whale or something :) The beams looked like its ribcage.

Towards the end of the night we listened to some mp3's on a portable player and the music sounded amazing. Nothing major, but I really enjoyed the set I was listening to more than I think I usually would. I think it would have been even better if I'd listened to it earlier on. All in all the trip lasted about 4 hours but there was a fantastic afterglow...I felt really special afterwards, which was great because I was expecting a comedown of some sort, but nothing.

The only bad moment came when we turned the light off. Things quickly turned evil and needless to say, the light didn't stay off for long :D

Anyway hope I've written a good story for you all. Enjoyed the whole thing immensly and can't wait to do it again.


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