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I am evil (2nd trip)

Setting: Home with a friend initially Dosage: 3.

Setting: Home with a friend initially
Dosage: 3.5 grams of st. cubensis in peppermint/green tea and some red vodka later on (ca. 1dl)

I wasn't very happy with the world but I'd had a rather good day, so I decided to take some shrooms not expecting much. My first trip two weeks before had been a nice, somewhat confusing level 2 with 3.5 grams shared with a friend, eaten. My friend arrived on 7pm, when I started making the tea, he wasn't planning on taking shrooms and instead just getting drunk. at 7.20 I drank the tea, found out I just couldn't take the chopped shit that was still there. My friend was watching Blade Runner, I was listening to Apollo 440's "Electro Glide In Blue" (great tripping music).

At 7.30 I realized I was starting to trip, thought it was a bit too fast but didn't fight it and asked S. (my friend) to trip with me. He had the chopped shrooms.

7.40 everything was going too fast, I wasn't comfortable with it, started to fight it a bit and lied down on the floor.

8pm I was at level 2-3, with the wood ceiling (AGH!) starting to flow, the carpet shifting shape and definite red shift in my vision, RGB pixelation and stuff. I thought this was WAY too fast since it hadn't been long since I had drank the tea. S. wasn't feeling much except a stoned feeling. I asked him to turn off the movie, it was making me very paranoid.

8.30 everything was very red, I couldn't understand words easily anymore. S. was on the phone, starting to trip at lvl 3 and decided it was time for him to lie down. I was still fighting the intensity, trying to focus on good, slow thoughts. 3 more people came over, which did not make me feel good.

8.45 S. (who'd had half the bottle of vodka) was starting to talk to dead relatives, very disquieting, I drank some vodka trying to relax a bit.

9pm lights became confusing, trying to talk to me, the rain was calming me down.

9.30 friends (except S.) went upstairs to surf the net a bit, I was begging them not to leave me but felt better when they weren't there anymore.

9.30-10pm time was sloooooooooooooooow, appeared to me as if a minute was an hour. I was trying to force the trip now so it would pass faster. I was getting scared. The ceiling had veins and kind of bleeding on the carpet. I knew this wasn't real but thought it looked cool. Shadows were talking, I had some tearing in my vision and clipping errors, there were lights coming out between rugs and the carpet. Lamps were swallowing the light bulbs and my body seemed like rubber, I was in very weird positions.

10.30 I was trying to force myself to die. I was trying to see plants and people around me dying, everyone was bothering me, I lost some connection to reality and was trying to summon pure evil, OEV's were much more intense than CEV's and I couldn't keep my eyes shut. I was cold and shaking. It was very scary, I saw myself as the devil. More people coming, nobody opened the door, I was yelling at people to open it. People were asking what I was seeing, I was saying something like "Yea, I'm definitely seeing something, I want out. No, not out. Away." S. pointed out that the chimney was talking to him. I thought it looked very threatening. I was disappointed cause the trip was getting less intense. I drank cold coffee thinking it was blood.

11.05 I managed to stand up, S. had stopped tripping 10 minutes ago. I was still scared and started smoking. I got out of the trip very fast, in like five minutes. I was still very paranoid and scared. It wasn't really a bad trip, it was very strange and scary but not neccessarily bad. Not good either though.

S. left at 2am and I went to sleep some time later and woke up today (Dec. 19th 1999) at 1pm.

Note: I'm not sure what effected me to trip like that and I lost sense of time between 9.30 and 11pm so time might not be accurate. I was thinking the world was coming to an end. I guess next time I'll trip over New Year's but definitely not before. I need time to think about it.

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