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Hysteric Bliss

After having a tried a small dose of shrooms a few times before, a friend and I decided to each take 20 grams of fresh Mexican Hydroponic shrooms.

After having a tried a small dose of shrooms a few times before, a friend and I decided to each take 20 grams of fresh Mexican Hydroponic shrooms. On previous trips I had gotten a lot of energy and a feeling that everything around me was incredibly surreal, I had not yet had any visuals or intense trips. We ate them at my house at around 9.30 pm, in sandwiches with peanut butter as that seemed to be a very popular choice on other trip reports; it was a good idea and completely masked the foul taste that I had had to put up with on previous occasions. After about half an hour my friend started to laugh a lot and was talking some serious bull shit to some people on a chat room. He suddenly stood up and lay down on a bed, not saying a lot at all. We decided to go and watch some TV. When I got to the sofa I felt a huge rush and a severe need to sit down. I started to feel sick and got some very bad vibes. We put a comedy show on but that still failed to make me laugh. Some parts of it were slightly amusing but as soon as I stopped laughing I felt extremely unhappy and got the sick feeling again, as well as the taste of bile in the back of my throat. We got up and went through into my kitchen, I started to drink a glass of water but half way through I burst out into a fit of uncontrollable laughter, this resulted in me choking and inhaling a large amount of water but oh well. Suddenly I felt extremely good. Everything seemed really dreamy and surreal. We went up stairs to my bedroom and lay down on my bed as I had a serious feeling of lethargy. We put on a chill out album containing the likes of Kid Loco, Massive Attack and other trip hop artists. For the next hour and half I stared at my ceiling in a constant laughing fit. I would pause for a minute to concentrate on my light hanging in the centre of the room. As I stared at it the ceiling around it started to come down and suddenly looked as though it was covered in layers of padding. I had a lot of trips like this in the next hour or so, kaleidoscope patterns and swirling vortex’s appearing on the walls, objects shrinking away to almost nothing and then coming back again. Through all of this I felt an intense feeling of indecision. I would pick up a pen and paper, start writing something and then suddenly throw it down again and go back to staring at my walls. As this was the most fucked we had both been, we were desperate to share our feelings with one another. I unfortunately could not speak. I would say one world and then loose my train of thought and pause looking like an idiot before bursting out into more manic laughter. My friend on the other hand, despite not being able to construct a coherent sentence, said everything that came into his head. After about another hour my laughing fits subsided and I started to peak on my trip. I lost all sense of proportion in my body and started to think that a pillow that was sticking out from underneath my head into my path of vision was one of my arms, despite both of them being at my side. I looked up at a poster of Incubus that I have on my wall and slowly, Brandon Boyd’s face stretched out and a huge grin spread out for about a foot either side of his face. The wall then started to breathe and rush towards me. After collapsing back in on its self it started to ripple. I tried to close my eyes but I was too restless and I could not keep them shut for more than about 5 seconds. I put my hand over my still open eyes and suddenly I was in a huge hall, mostly blacked out apart from one little light in the corner that shone dimly in the distance. I looked into the darkness and felt as if I was being sucked into it. Random colours started to shoot out at me. Soon I was confronted with a scene similar to the one in the start of 2001: A Space Odyssey and it looked like I was warping through Las Vegas or another location with a lot of bright neon lights. I took my hand away from my eyes but the warp still continued and I was now swirling around my room at an incredible pace. My friend and I both got up and decided to do some writing in a note pad I had. After about 3 words I would loose track of my topic and start a new one, continuing my original sentence. My friend asked me what he should draw and I told him to draw a square. After about 5 minutes I looked over at his “square” and saw a weird looking alien creature with a ladybird’s back. We were both tripping for about 4-5 hours and I have to say it was the most amazing feeling I have ever had from any drug. If anyone in the UK knows where I could buy any Hawaiian shrooms for quite a cheap price I would be grateful for their advice. Any comments r_o_b_d_@hotmail.com

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