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The day of the hurricane finally hit savannah so I wanted to trip on some shrooms so I did.

The day of the hurricane finally hit savannah so I wanted to trip on some shrooms so I did. Me and my two friends bought about 30 shrooms. We wanted to make sure it was real so we went to my friends house to ask him. We were sittin in his room smoking some white widow out of his bubbler. Then we broke the shrooms in halfs and just swallowed them with coke. I ended up eating about 14 shrooms. When we all went out side after we got done we noticed that the hurricane winds had picked up. After i got done smoking a cig on the back porch i noticed how fast the clouds were actually goin. Then all of a sudden the telephone pole looked like it was fallen so we all were holding it up. After that me and my 2 friends went on to the golf course that i lived on. At nightime on a big golfcourse can be scary and especially on shrooms. I was lookin in the woods and kept on seeing clowns dancin and laughin at me. Sometimes we would all lay done and just looked all around us because everything was bent over from the wind. At somepoints i had to get up and start laughing because i was trippin so hard. When i got home my dad was wasted because that night was his birthday. He had his army shorts on and all pulled up high not making any sense. To me this was the most funniest thing that i seen in a while. It was cool because i was trippin my ass of and my dad didnt even kno when he looked at my eyes or how pale my face was. Also my bro was drunk too and was looking for us all night long. when we found him upstairs he wanted to smoke so bad because he had been stressed out about court and shit so we bought some purple princess for 45 a blunt and smoked it right on her front driveway foggin out his ranger. On the ride home it just started to rain so hard i was seein the rode move from side to side and then we made it home somehow and chilled.

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