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MRCA Tyroler Gluckspilze
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Hungry wall

I'm not exactly sure of the dosage but I estimated it at about 3 grams.

I'm not exactly sure of the dosage but I estimated it at about 3 grams.

So anyways, I had ingested them orally with an icecream sandwich with 3 of my other friends. We were in a large suburban house with only the 3 of us. No trip sitter. So we had taken them and I just lied on the floor for about ten minutes and didn't feel anything. All of the sudden it hit me. I felt connected with the world. I felt like I was the greatest person in all of existance. At this point my friends were all babbling about their trip but I had been too involved in my experience to care. I was so interested in the smallest details that I wouldn't normally acknowledge. Everything was beautiful.
Then I began to feel lonely and insecure. I felt my friends presence but they didn't seem like they were really there. Everything began to move. The wall was breathing. The sofa was moving almost as if it were liquid. Something scared me about the wall. It seemed... not right. Sinister. I had gotten the idea in my head that it was hungering for my flesh so I cowered into the corner of my house. This corner was safe. I slowly began to trust the wall more and more until I decided to get up and move to the couch where I closed my eyes. We turned on the TV. I remember seeing a priest touching alter boys. This event striked me hilarious. I was laughing for a good ten minutes. The tv began to irritate me. So we turned it off and put on some music. We put on some george michael and we all cuddled until the mushrooms wore off. touch boys 4 life.

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