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Whoa---------In thailand i bought some thai stick(cannabis)and a newpaper page of shrooms.

Whoa---------In thailand i bought some thai stick(cannabis)and a newpaper page of shrooms.......probaly about 8-12 shrooms on the island of Koh Samui freshly picked from some buffalo/bison/cow looking creatures dung.

I ate em all at about 3-4pm and sat in my hut letting it come into effect. a few days earlier i had consumed a few shrooms that a local had picked for me out of an open pasture--they weren't great quality altho i felt them for sure.

Anyway my Journey began about 25 minutes after eating them.
I began writing which was tremendously amusing to me---all alone in my little hut. i had bought a nice chillum pipe so i loaded that baby up and started a little toking. a few minutes later i heard a knock on my door------ooo snap that definetly caught me off guard------i peek out and its this local who got me the rickety shrooms the other day---so
I open the door and see what he wants--conscious of not letting him notice that i already scored very well and was in the midst of coming up.........so he starts expressing to me that he found some more.(i already knew how bad he had ripped me off before once i got the good shrooms for alot less) so i let him know i'm not interested and i don't want to deal with him anymore----this is when the shrooms started really kicking in hard

i started to see a beast come out of this man--a really rabid creature was emerging from beneath his face and i had to then decide if i would retreat or continue to get rid of him-----i then proceeded to tell him regardless of his understanding the actual language(cuz he had selective comprehension of my words to his benefit he could act like he didnt understand when he wanted to) that i'm not who he thinks i am and he better take off cuz its not gonna happen, getting ripped off again. He then reacted as a dog would that just got beat with a stick--the look on his face was that of a stray dog with a tail between his legs.

Once he left---back in the hut i go-- and for the next 30 minutes i'm buggin out like its gonna be the last ounce of freedom for a while. i'm looking at the last postcards i wrote like this is the only remnant that is gonna be left---i had the idea that this local was gonna go ahead and turn me in for some little chump change and i was gonna be locked away in a thailand jail for a long time. Soon enuff that drama wore off----although i did feel as if each breath was my last and each word i wrote would be my last. Now or never. NourNevre. this became my state of mind.......

now as for The Monkey and The Man---the only difference is the arrogance of humanity to beleive it is so advanced. the advancements are seen and experienced as the novelties of technology, the luxuries of running water and central sewage systems as well as perfumes/deodorant and yes toilet paper. Because those things are not widely used in thailand especially on the islands off the coast, besides by tourists at upper grade cabins/huts, the reality set in that when you're sticky&sweaty, when you have to wipe your bum with your bare hand and water which lays in a bucket besides the commode(thats the way it is there) and when you cannot speak the language of the natives--you realize the theory of man being evolved is just a theory and a growth of our ability to imagine and think. what is our essential difference.......violence, sexual perversion, society, mechanical technologies, nuclear weapons, art, or music? i don't know the answer to this, and i venture to say that any idea of our differences are what we would choose to believe due to our strong ability to condition ourselves with our own thoughts.

Anyway-----Mangosteen---a exotic fruit out there was almost equal to the pheremones(hormones,scent etc) emitted from a women when having sex, strangely enuff at one point i was eating one feeling as if this can easily be a forbidden fruit and for what reason...? because it is like having sex and being stimulated to ecstasy from a simple taste and texture and scent..just like a womens sexual apparatus ;)

i had this strange insight about abortion---it was like death occured to both the new life and the "mother" and a new being then embodied the form--like the shell now became under control by a different entity. strange.

This trip occured during a lunar eclipse adding to the depth of the journey.
:::Living in enlightenment seems as if each page is completed in the presence of the shadow of death
:::ever seen sliders?
:::Ever heard the saying.."man, thats heavy"?
its not that its heavy, its just the stuff that you been accumulating and pulling along with you for 3.4 light years has alot of momentum when you finally stop the train.
:::Bones are dense due to the vibratory rate, if they vibrated faster the bones wouldbe liquid--any faster they would be vapor any faster they would vanish
:::if an antidote cures one from poison---what is the dote?

I've had shrooms in amsterdam and thailand----a couple times in atlanta and my 1st few times in new york. i've never been able to find a good supply, and i attempted growing but failed. right now i'm workin on getting the powdered little shzooms----u gotta luv it

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