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Huge Movie Theatre!

Ok, so here's how it goes - Me and a friend decide to finish off the remainder of an ounce we have left (having sold or eaten the other amount).

Ok, so here's how it goes - Me and a friend decide to finish off the remainder of an ounce we have left (having sold or eaten the other amount). My friend has only tripped once before, a low dose that produced some patterning on ground and a lot of general giddyness and confusion :) (thats another whole trip story). So we have about ~1/4th ounce left, I split it up giving myself the lion's share (he's still afraid). We skipped lunch and dinner (it's about 5pm now) and the effects kicked in fast. We started walking around the campus looking for people to talk to and stopped to watch some tv in a dorm lounge, after about 20 minutes I had recognized some nice strong shroom effects coming on, and I was feeling happy and ready - I told my tripping friend to look at the lineoleum tile floor. His expression was "Holy shit!" He kept looking at and saying "Oh my god I'm tripping! The floor is moving!!!" As not to create a scene I suggested we retire back to my room and chill listening to some aphex twin (come to daddy album). Good flanging effects were noticed during the music. We sat listening for a while noticing cool "distortions" coming off of the wall and we stared at this 3d poster for a while and he asked just as I was thinking the same thing "Is the poster coming twards us? Oh shit the whole wall is coming in!" We kept watching for a while, and 2 friends stopped by for a little bit - They recognized soon that we couldnt carry on coherent conversation and began playing with us and causing us grief - We asked them to leave and then we got ready for the movie. The theatre was one of those 30 screen jobs with stadium seating - We hadnt been there before but were amazed by it. Inside the theatre's lobby there was tons of disco lights and spotlights moving around - It was heaven! The movie theatre posed a problem as it was opening night for the movie we were seeing - "Rush Hour" and was quite crowded, but we eventually found 2 chairs together and sat down. I noticed interesting "pixeling" effects on the screen where sometimes I would see traingular shaped pixels drawing the picture... We were quite involved in the movie and expressed alot of emotion (getting some funny looks for lauging too much), at the scene where theres a guy with an axe that pops up we both nearly jumped out of our seats!! As we left the theatre we had some afterglow effects but the main effects had worn off (wow that didn't seem like 6 hours!). We got back, found some people watching Half Baked, made alot of popcorn and enjoyed the rest of the night.

Overall I think this trip was high on my list of best trips because I got to introduce a friend to shrooms (what a real shroom trip is like, that is), see many nice visuals, and not have some scary ego-loss like effects that I've had previously (maybe this dose is just enough for the fun stuff but not enough to be a 'serious' trip)

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