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How mushroms kicked my ass

It started at the end of the 2005 summer.

It started at the end of the 2005 summer. I smoked pot that whole summer and my parents never knew. I got caught by my parents in very bad circumstances and was grounded for the rest of the summer (4 weeks).
My mom was trusting me enought to let me go on a rafting trip that we do with about 20 people every year and she was letting me take a few friends. We would stay 2 nights in the mountains and sleep in our own tent about 100 yards away from any adults. My friends and I knew that it was our duty to get fucked up but pot was out of the question because we were being drug tested. So my friend got a hookup for mushrooms and we each bought an 1/8 of an ounce.
Fast forward to the night of the trip. I found out who would be in the tent. Me, my mushroom eating friend, 2 kids that weren't tripping that night but were cool with it (the supposed trip sitters), and one extremely right wing religious kid who was definitely anti-drug. We waited until we were at our tent and there was no parents around (or so we thought) and then ate an 1/8 each. We covered the mushrooms in honey to cover the taste (which worked extremely well). We make a fire and right after that I hear my mom whistle. She and her friend come over to our campfife and my mom sits on my lap. I was freaking out at this point.
I manage to talk normal for about an hour until she leaves. We go into our tent and pretend to go to sleep because she said my dad was coming later (he never did). In the process of pretending to go to sleep I end up actually sleeping but woke up about a half hour later because of the shit I was seeing. All the kids who stayed in our tent were still up talking. The anti-drug kid thought we were drunk and was telling us how we'd probly get caught and that he was thinking about narcing us. This was a very bad start for a trip.
He told us about his "night seizures" and how he'd get seizures out of nowhere. This fucking freaked me out because he would have these "seizures" right in front of us while he was talking. I found out later that they were fake.
Once everyone passed out I was up bymyself. I could never get warm because my sleeping bag was all twisted and shit and I was too confused to untwist it. I tried getting out of the sleeping bag but the tent was warping too much for me to find the zipper. So I just layed there.
After about an hour (it felt like 5) I started calming down a little. I forgot to say George Bush was going to be less than a mile from me the next day because he was staying at this mountain resort called Tamarack. I could hear the helicopters flying above me and it made me think how something big is going to happen in our time. A huge war or something and that we'd all end up as soldiers. I also thought about how right now I need to start making big decisions.
During this whole time I'd be putting my finger in my nose and feeling my brain or touching my spine or pulling my finger out of my mouth. I realized I completely forgot about my other shrooming friend so I went over to wake him up.
I found out that he was never asleep but in his own seperate world like I was. I also found out the antidrug kid never slept either. He was kept awake by the crazy shit we were saying.
This was a horrifying trip but I learned A LOT from it. I've done shrooms frequently since then. This first time was a learning experience. I've talked people out of bad trips, planned excellent trips, and had high dose trips all by myself because of the experience I gained.

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