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How I Raped the Cake

Here's briefly what I did.

Here's briefly what I did. I came home from the university, rather tired; took one cased cake, soaked it in orange juice + vit. C, and drank it. I couldn't wait until my shrooms grew. It was a failure anyway (I didn't have perlite to set up humidity properly), so I didn't want to just throw out the cakes. And believe me or not, it was damn 10000 times more intensive than I'd expected. (I soaked 1 pint cake, which is I guess twice as big as regular.) I tried to lie in bed. In ~20 minutes I felt like I started rising on a rocket (intensive and too scaring for the first-time tripper). Each moment I thought, I'd already reached the peak, but this feeling got more and more intense. I just lay down in a rather dark room. No visuals appeared yet. When I closed my eyes, I could see funny and colorful patterns. In about 50 minutes from ingesting, visual distortions started appearing. The most fun thing in my quiet room were the curtains. They were waving like hell, and I could see intense patterns on the tapestry. I tried writing my name on a sheet of paper. Now the writing seems quite weird to me. I was too insane to stay lying there, so I got out and went bathing. The water was running somewhat diagonally and all the objects were really distorted. It was quite fun washing my head and "diving" under water. But then this problem appeared. My mother was at home all the time and I realized that I was doing bullshit, so I got scared. I tried talking to her, but it was some bullshit. I convinced her that I'd overworked and that I needed to rest, so she went away (shopping probably, I don't remember). Then this rocket-feeling disappeared (in about 2 hours). I was panicking. I was trying to think, what I would do normally. Actually, usual, everyday life seemed very dumb and disgusting. I was about to go out, but I realized that I'd have to open the door for my mom (she had no key), so I had to stay. I was training what I would say. I was trying to talk to my friend, but he was too busy to come look after me (after all, he didn't know I was tripping - I couldn't explain that). So then my mom came and I told her I was going to go out for a walk. Panic went away and then came the good part. It had been raining and the weather was very cool and nice (nice evening sun (not hot), clouds). I went to a small lake, where people like to come and sit or walk dogs. I saw many wonderful things. The grass was so green and vivid, and the clouds were really nice. Each resembled of something. I thought I could see wolves chasing rabbits and some real nice air balloons, (there were no balloons, I'm sure), dogs looked nice - they had heads (!) on both front and rear ends - real funny. I imagined, I was in the "Wizard of Oz" :-). People were very nice and wonderful - old ladies looked like witches (they were cool!), and gals were like beauties and they were showing their tongues (cool!). They were looking strangely at me (I guess, I LOOKED strange). Well you know, it all looked like in those psychedelic videos (now I know what they mean!). Audio hallucinations were nice too. I could hear everything very sharply and clearly (in a pleasant sense, not too intensely). I thought I could understand what everyone said (there were about 30 people around). Funny, but they all were talking bullshit. I could also hear cars (which are actually too far away to be heard) and I heard very nice sirens. There were some people fishing, and I saw them catching huge fishes. There are some frogs in that lake, and I heard them singing and saw them jumping in and out. INCREDIBLE!!!! Mosquitoes were huge and funny rather than annoying. Well you have to try it yourself, it's impossible to describe everything. I thought I could see lightening which was very intense and scaring. Then it all started to fade away. I was very euphoric. In 4 hours I more or less settled. (But I was completely normal only in 6 hours). So my lame first-timer's suggestions would be NEVER to trip when your parents/relatives are at home (of course if you DON'T want them to know that - it's so hard to hide it), to take small to average doses for the first time and to consume the hopeless cakes the way I did instead of thrashing them.

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