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How do dogs know??!?

A vote was taken, we were all ready to grub on the little magic maksrs.

A vote was taken, we were all ready to grub on the little magic maksrs. This was Thursday afternoon after class. We got them Thursday night, an oz.. A whole ouce of shrooms between 8 people. It wasn't long before we weighed them out in 3, 2, & 1 gram baggies. Everyone picked up their dosage and went to their dorm rooms. I slept rather well that night, knowing that tommorow I would be tripping my balls off.

The alarm goes off, go do my usual college thing and get ready. 6 pm rolls on and we all get together and, there is about 8 of us in my friends small dorm room, grubbing on nacho cheese chips and drinking Gatorade like there is no tommorow, I personally put down a fat 3g sack. We all get in cars and drive to some woods near campus. We get out and go up this incline path for about 5 mins and we're at our spot. Atop of this cliff looking down into a small stream, and all around there are beautiful trees. My friend breaks out the bubbler and load a beautiful bowl of some hydro weed. We pass it around the eight of us, everyone got a good hit. About five minutes go by and everyone has seemed to stumble into a different sense of consciousness. A few started to look around, almost looking for a place to go. A curiousity stuck and they wanted to climb down the cliff. I was like yeah right, I'm having too much fun up here. This other guy that I'd never met before was tripping with us for his first time. 6 of my friends go down the cliff, they walked all the way down with out a single word, almost 75yds.

I wasn't feeling very much yet, until I looked across to the other side of the river and I thought I saw a person staring at us from far away. I wasn't sure if I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. I was momentarily confused and rubbed my eyes and checked again. The guy still next to me, L., was having a good vibe going on now. I started to look around all the trees slowly, and all of a sudden pixels would fade in and out. The color green was soo beautiful, soft and full of life. It gave me the most wonderful feeling. We finally decided to walk down the back way to the spot down the cliff.

I was staring at the ground, all the little rocks and small brown twigs and little bones were all in this beautiful kalidoscope, I was in utter awe at the ground. My jaw was dropped the whole time. As I was scoping the ground, I look up a few feet and see 2 small Chiuaua's being walked by their owner, an elderly lady. BOOM!! I almost paniced in a split second. I almost bolted, but something, some curiosity to maintain my sanity, call it instinct, put me in check and I greeted the lady and picked up her dog. He looked straight into my eyes when I held him to my face. He stared for a second and begain to whimper like a puppy and scruffed away and out of my hands. I simply walked on with out even saying another word.

We finally got down the path to where all our friends were sitting. Everyone was just relaxed and chilling. We walked up slowly and they seemed to be scared until they finally saw it was us. One of them. We then smoked some more bowls and started to wonder off in directions. 2 of the girls went off across the stream to the other side and later told us of this field of buttercups and lillypads that they found. It was like a pasture of nothing but flowers, they said they rolled around for 40 mins just in bliss. Meanwhile 3 of us, including me went up the hill back to "our" cliff. We stat there and smoked some cigarettes. We were standing about 25 feet from the cliff, and I kept seeing a head pop up from the edge of the cliff. The first time I looked at him, I saw a face of a monkey and looked at my friends who obviously hadn't seen him. I just laughed. I looked over there again, and there he was, my friend K. with a big grin on his face. He just grinned. It just hit me in the head, we 3 were just up on the cliff and the other group of our friends was sitting on the other side of the cliff 25ft away. I started to giggle. I couldn't stop giggling while I tried to tell them what I just discovered.

After 10 mins I finally told them and we walked over and they were all so suprised to see us come out of no where. They had no clue we were there, despite how loud we were. We all decided to get the "movie" and go to our friends apartment B.. The whole process of getting from the woods and to the dorms to pick the movie and go to B took about an hour. It took us too long to figure out why we were at the dorms and why no one could get the movie. We were just tripping out of our minds.

Finally, movie is gotten, everyone back into the cars, and were off. My friend B#2 was driving me and J.. He put on some of the best pink floyd I've heard while tripping. He put on some song with birds and pigs and all sorts of animals in the background. Just erie and mystical sounding. I'm looking ahead while were driving and the lights are all so brite, and every light had a little diamond sparkling in the middle of it. It's like walking into a room full of millions of diamonds with bright lights all around.

Boom, 20 mins later, we are at B. all safe. Everyone grabs their little toy and sits around the T.V.. Wizard of OZ I heard someone scream, I was like what the hell, I dont' want to watch that. They then asked if I like pink floyd, I was like ofcourse, well they said, just watch! This Friday happened to be the day a big storm was to hit Austin, a huge storm that took up 3/4's of the screen on the doppler radar on the weather channel. Some of the people watched the thunder as P. was setting up Darkside of OZ. The movie starts. I started to think to my self. What is this crap. Then it seemed that the screen was pulsating, the background was of clouds and these clouds all of a sudden became 3d, and depth perception was possible. Then when the big bong hit at the beginning, the words Marvin L. Roy come jumping out of the screen towards me.

For those of you who have watched this, you have felt the experience, for others go try it cause it's too long to explain. While we were watching the movie thou, lightning hit 2 times restarting the movie 2 times and finally the 3rd one hit and took out the electricity for ten minutes in almost all of Austin. All you saw were building lights just turning off all in the city, a spectacular light show at that. After this we decided trying to watch it was going to be futile. God did not will it as one of my friends declared. Well, needless to say we were all coming down around 1am and we watched the rain and the trees in the light and wind dance and illuminate as each rain drop hit it's petals. They swayed like weeping willows, except they were oak trees, very erie. Finally, we all went home and fell asleep after a extremly happy and fun night of tripping.

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