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horrible trip

Im not a very experienced drug user, I've been smoking pot for about a year or so and I usually only smoke on weekends but I decided I wanted to shroom.

Im not a very experienced drug user, I've been smoking pot for about a year or so and I usually only smoke on weekends but I decided I wanted to shroom. The first time was the best night of my life. Myself and 5 of my best friends split 15g of some crazy blue and pink mushrooms and sat around and watched the Wizard of Oz and listened to Pink Floyd. It was WAY too much fun. The last time I did it was only 2 days ago and Im still scared to even think about it. We went to a little state park that is kind of like a huge swimming pool sized ocean. It has all kinds of neat fish and turtles and stuff, so we thought it'd be a blast to trip there. Im still not sure what caused it. When we got there I was walking over to a little shady place, smoking a cigarette, looking at the water when I started tripping. We all sat down to put on sun-screen and I got really light headed and started seeing different colored spots. All of a sudden I heard someone say "Whats wrong with Lindsey" and the next thing I knew I was laying down with a towel over me. I had completely blacked out and fallen over, in the mean time I hit my head and really messed up my knee. It was horrble. Afterwards, I decided to get in the cool water and try to wake myself up... bad idea. My goggles wouldn't work so I had to swim across normally. The pool is about 25-30 ft. deep at the most and the fish were really trippy. I don't remember a lot about the day after that. We threw tortillas on the water for the fish to eat and they would jump out of the water to catch them, that was really awesome and super trippy. Anyway, several times over the course of the day I would have the same experience of blacking out. I wanted to quit tripping so badly but there was nothing I could do. Next thing I knew my best friend (who I'd tripped with before) starting tripping hard-core and was talking crazy. We were both really scared and didn't know what to do. Luckly, her older sister is a very experienced drug user and tried to calm us down. I remember going into the bathroom and looking in the mirror and then looking at Lindsey and we both just started crying. I can't really explain how I felt when I was tripping, words cant describe it... but if you've had a bad trip you know exactly what it feels like. After all of this, we felt really awkward around the people we had gone with. We ddin't want them to think we were crazy because we tripped so bad, but they'd all had bad trips so they knew how we felt. Later that night on our way home we stopped at a convenience store and the lights and all of the people made me trip again. It was another bad trip and Linds got really scared for me. Everythin was really bright colors, so bright that I couldnt keep my eyes open to see anything. And when I would look at everyone their faced would melt away... it was too much. Finally we got back in the car on our 5 hour trip home and I was still tripping pretty hard. After a while, I calmed myself down and started to trip good. I had a lot of fun looking at the lights on the drive home. I would say the most important thing is to shroom in a comfortable environment. Shroom with people you know in a place you know. Try shrooming in a house first, possible at night. I think shrooming in nature is absolutely amazing... but it's a little overwhelming and could lead to a bad trip. Try not to think about anything when you're tripping. Don't over think things and try not to worry about anything. Other than that... have a blast! It's a great time and (even after my bad experience) I will defiantly be playing on mushroom mountain very soon!

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