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home again

background: im a 17/m from MN i have tripped on shrooms several times and find it very fun.

background: im a 17/m from MN i have tripped on shrooms several times and find it very fun. on one occasion i decided to eat 4 grams of the local shroom supply in my room. Only problem was that i was the only one trippin.
I ate a apple and a 20 oz water to speed the digestion. within 20 -25 minutes i was starting to feel the effects.
My original plan was to sneak out once my dad fell asleep and go to my friend kyles, the plan went totally awry. i put on my favorite doors tape and let the shrooms take me. soon i was feeling very euphoric and almost anxious to get out of bed and go outside. it was 11:30 when i consumed the shrooms. i had expected my dad to go to sleep at around 12:00 or 1 but when i heard him put in a movie and start making food i knew it would be later.
"The End" came on and at this point i started to trip visually. the red light on my cd player seemed to twist and turn through the space between my bed and the dresser it was placed on. almost like a laser light show at the club or sumthing. in the dark of my room i was seeing constellations of green and red {probably other colors too but i cant remember). The tape ended and i was left to listen to the sounds of the movie my dad was watching and him doing dishes and getting drunk. The trip went kinda bad at this point i started to think about my dad and the past and things started to eat at me. i started thinkin he knew i was trippin so i developed a intense fear of leaving the confines of my room.
at one point i tried to put music back on but i got caught trying to turn out the red mood light, lay down , or put on music all at the same time. at around 2:30 i had to piss real bad , i had been hydrating myslef all day for football and i had a 44 once cup from the gas station in my room. again fearing to leave my room i pissed in the cup and hid it by the dresser. the next two hours streched on four eternity my face brushed against my pillow as i looked at the clock. 2 minutes had past but it felt like it took forever to even look at the clock i heard every whisker on my face scrape against the pillow and the echoes rang in my head for a prolonged time.

soon after 2 pm my dad went to sleep. the house was totally still and eerie my room became totally black and it felt like my conciousnous filled the room and the room was my mind. i had to piss again and this time it was safe so i went across the hall to the bathroom. the shag rugs on the tiles seemed to crawl across eachother. intricate patterns appeared on the walls. i looked in the mirror and splashed water on face. my hair was messed up from the ordeal in my room and i looked like a totally different person. my jaw seemed wider and more muscular and so did the rest of my body. veins seemed to pulse and move in my skin. i went back to bed and waited out the rest of my trip till i fell asleep. the expierience made me feel more suited to shroom because i had a good and bad trip but i came away feelin like i knew what to do when it went bad.

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